Tips about cleaning and maintenance crystal chandeliers

Chandeliers could be the decorative products in modern furniture home, even the chandeliers could show the comfort and warm in the home decoration, but they are hanged in high space, since the daily cleaning could be different from the chandeliers, how to clean and maintenance of the chandeliers?

There are many customers could have the mind that the chandeliers had better be close to the ceiling, the dust would not be easy to be inside, at the same time, when the ceiling light is lighted on, that could create the electromagnetic reaction, that could absorb the dust. In addition to, the crystal chandeliers could be changed through the lights, that could be equipped with the gap, that could let the dust inside. If it is for long time, that could make the chandeliers complex and ignore the vision, at the same time, it could let the dust cumulative and inflect the health, since the chandeliers in the room need cleaning and maintenance.

maintenance chandeliers

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When we clean and maintenance of chandeliers, the chandeliers could not be complex, that could be washed yourself, we could hang the chandeliers and chandeliers, at the same time, bulb is easy to be damaged, before we remove the shade, we had better shut down the power, we had better not with the wet cloth in case of leakage; when we scrub the chandeliers, we could turn over the pale stockings and bath towel and scrub the surface. Do not change the structure of the chandeliers and accessories, after you clean the chandeliers, we could put the chandeliers well, we had better not install the chandeliers with wrong methods.

According to different material of the shade, there are different kinds of washing methods, if we choose the fabric shade, we could use the cleaners and absorb the dust on the surface, then we could use some washers; if inside of the shade could be paper, in case of the damage of the washers, we could scrub the surface with wet cloth; scrub glass shade could be cleaned with the soft cloth, inside of the shade could be scrolled with soft cloth; dirty of the shade could be wiped on the surface of the metal base, at the same time, with some toothpaste, get rid of the dirty clearly. There is some tips: pull some vinegar to the water, and soak into the cloth, after we get it cool and scrub the chandeliers.

The fire dangerous of bedside lamps

Even the temperature of fluorescent Bedside Lamps is not high, even it could happy in danger, why it is, the question is not in the lamp, that is caused by ballast.

Different size of fluorescent lamps could be equipped with different power and electric current, so we had better match with ballast, that could reduce the voltage and limit the current. Ballast conclude the enameled ring and silicon. The structure could be like small transformer with coil. Ballast would consume some energy, and change it into thermal. So when we get the ballast powered, the coil and silicon would be with high temperature, otherwise, if they are bad quality, it could get the hot, if it is with high temperature, that would harm insulation, that could harm the insulation and become the short circuit, that could make the fluorescent.

dangerous of fluorescent lamps

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So when we purchase the fluorescent lamps, we had better purchase the good quality of the fluorescent lamps, and when we install the ballast, we had better not install it in the wet quality, at the same time, we could keep the some distance from the fire material, in our daily life, we had better notice the moisture proof and waterproof, and not turn on and off the fluorescent lamps.

Wash the flabellum, we could wash it from outside, then we could rib the water on the surface and keep the flabellum cool when installation.

If you use the fluorescent lamp in your daily life, we had better keep the best cleaning tips and necessary tips, we hope it could keep long life in the home furniture.

The tips of purchasing wall sconces in the living room

The wall sconces could be installed on the wall surface, in general, that could be equipped with white glass shade, with the wall sconces decoration, that could make the furniture bright, it could be soft and change our mood, however, there are many different kinds of wall sconces, at the same time, there are many brands, when we purchase the wall sconces, we also have to notice the quality of the wall sconces, we also have to think the decoration function, when we purchase the wall sconces what do we need to care.

purchasing wall sconces

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First notice the quality of the glass shade
When we purchase the wall sconces, we had better notice the quality of the lights, in general, the glass shade is made of glass, at the same time, the structure of the glass shade could be proper for the light, at the same time, surface pattern could be the same with the whole style. We had better notice the corrosion resistance, whether the color is bright and plenty could be the important tips of checking the quality.

Second the softness of the wall sconces
In general, if the light is soft, the voltage of the light could be less than 60W. In addition, we could choose the different kinds of wall sconces according to different kinds of wall sconces, for example, if it is small room, then we could choose small wall sconces, otherwise we could choose double sconces, we could choose thick wall sconces for much room. At last, we had better choose wall sconces without shade, that could prevent it from rust.

Third the size of wall sconce could be harmony with the place, if it is big place, we could install 2-light wall sconces, if it is small room, we could install signal wall sconces. The color of wall sconces could be harmony with the wallet.

Fourth the thickness of wall sconce could be harmony with environment. Thick wall sconces could be for big house, thin wall sconces could be for small house.The voltage of the bulb could be the same destination for using. Height of installation could be over our body, then the effect could make people comfortable.

The principles of purchasing crystal ceiling light

The crystal ceiling lights could show the fashion and glamorous charming, with the development of diode and light technology, that makes the crystal ceiling lights softer and mini, at the same time, they are proper for the furniture of the modern family, since we could choose the crystal ceiling lights in the modern furniture, when we choose the crystal ceiling lights, we could follow the principles following:

crystal ceiling light

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First simple and boutique
The special area of the multi style could attract much attention, modern people like simple style, in the choice of chandeliers, if it is simple but not ugly, the simple style could be full of modern charming, it could attract the attention.

Second safety and convenience
When we choose the crystal ceiling lights, we had better think about the convenience of the bulbs, if the bulb is bad, that could be normal things, if the house is tall enough, the ceiling light could be the good choice. In addition, we had better notice the waterproof in the kitchen and bathroom.

Third harmony and same
The designer of living lights could be harmony in the style, the same house could be the harmony with the style of the furniture, it could be better.

Fourth effect of the ceiling lights
The biggest effect of the ceiling lights could be lighting, we had better let the light show our life, if we choose the ceiling lights, the choice of living room could be with much knowledge. The choice of lights could be with much effect, the metal light could be the plastic material, that is with art charming.

How to tell the quality of the LED light?

The LED light could connect the bulbs with the brass or soft plate, then we could let the light shinning, Since the structure of the Led Flush Mount Ceiling Light is like the light belt, then it is like the light belt, the led light could be shinning comparing other lights, at the same time, the light is so soft, in some condition, it could decorate the bedroom, since Led light could be used in the modern furniture, at the same time, led light is various and different, when the customer purchase the light, how to tell the quality of the light?

quality of led lights

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First soft led light could be made of the FPC material, we could decorate the light with led light, that could be the thick of the products, it won’t take too much room. Original type could be 30cm length and 50cm length, such as equipped with 15, 24 and 30 pieces of led. At the same time, the 60cm and 80cm could also be include, different customers would have different kinds of styles. We could not destroy it easily, at the same time, it could be lighted on for long time. The FPC is soft and change the style easily, they could move easily in the room. According to the different kinds of space and room, we also could change the FPC style, that is proper for many different kinds of patterned.

Second hard led, that is made of PCB material, led could be installed together, that could be installed with hard led piece, we could choose different element in different light direction. The advantage of the hard led could be fixed totally, it is convenient for us to install the led light. The advantage of the led is that, we could not change its style, that are specific.

We advise that, when you purchase led light, we had better that is soft led or hard led, since different kinds of products would be different in length and quality, so is the light. We could choose the good and professional store to purchase the led lights.

The methods of telling the lighting products

There would be many fake lighting products in the market, it could cause big harm for our eyes, it is with big dangerous factor when using the lighting products, if the quality is not wrong, it is dangerous for us to choose the fake lighting products. As the customers, how do we think about the quality of the products.

First quality of the lighting products
Mini Pendant Lighting.General light would be made of iron, that could be with rust easily. If you choose the good light, that is made of metal, keeps the surface of light from the rust.

Second about the filament
If you choose the perfect lighting products, that could be equipped with double filament, and the bad light choose the signal filament.

telling lighting products

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Third about the lighting part
As for the lamps, if you choose the lamps is disposable dusting, then it would shines properly after power ups. Bad lamps would be not proper after handmade dusting.

Fourth the price of the lighting products
When we purchase the products, we had better not think about the price, since the price would be the proper role of the price.

Fifth the authentication of lighting products
We had better see that if the lighting products is with 3C authentication, at the same time, we could check it carefully.

Sixth the new lighting products
New products maybe not be mature in the technology, when we purchase the lighting products, we could not choose the new products and ignore the old ones.

The placing position of the table lamps could cause much influence for the vision. Since most people would write the words with right hand, so we could place the lamps on the front and left of our body, it could be not with the shade when we wring words, otherwise the light would reflect to our eyes and cause the glare.

The colors of choosing the chandeliers for the room

The different kind of chandeliers could be different according to the quality, though it does not make any sense in the levels, then when the customers choose the chandeliers, we had better have a look at the colorful effect, then we could notice the golden electroplated, in general, the metal could be 24K golden, it would not fade the colors and we also could not protect it from the rust. If it is the in low profile, then the metal would be dark in some times, at the same time, the fixture of the chandeliers could be added rust.

The color of the Small Chandeliers For Bedrooms could be shinning, the pure of chandeliers could be with the bad parts, when the customers choose the chandeliers, we had better have the perfect chandeliers without the dirty,bubbles,water ripple and other impurity, if the chandeliers could be clear, then it could cause the light.

choosing the chandeliers

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We could let the light go through the glass, we could see the chandeliers if it is clear and reach the best effect, from the chest, if it is the high end chandeliers, then we could choose the lead chandeliers, at this time, the lead could not be less than 30%, this is the the purest material, that could show the stunning shinning.

The new chandeliers could make the room stunning and show the different elegance, if it is for long time, then the chandeliers could be clear and bright, then could contain much dirty, this would reduce the light of the chandeliers, and this could loose the charming of the chandeliers, this could reduce the glamorous of it, don’t worry about it, normal chandeliers could be equipped with the professional people, we could take the professional people to wash it, if you think that it is trouble for us to wash it instead of others, then you could wash them yourself, at this time, we will introduce you the two kinds of ways to wash the chandeliers, first one, we could wash them with the kerosene. We could take the chandeliers off and soak it in the kerosene, at the same time, we could use some toothbrush to wash them, after it is finished clean, then we could use the washing powder to wash it, second we also could use the professional powder to wash it, we could add some powder on the surface of the chandeliers, then the dirty on the surface of chandeliers could be ribbed off, it is simple and convenient.

The choosing tips of crystal chandeliers

The Crystal Chandeliers For Sale  could bring us the luxury and fashion charming, that could be accepted by many customers, different kinds of the lights could be sent to the market, at the same time, the chandeliers could be competition of the pendant lights, with the development of the optical fiber and diode technology, the chandeliers could become mini and simple, that is proper for the style of the furniture, at the same time, with the development of the crystal cutting, the crystal is becoming mini and simple, the modern line and color could become the big spot of the house, with these technology, the chandeliers would place the important role in the market, there are many customers like the chandeliers, when we choose the chandeliers, we have to notice many tips.

tips of crystal chandeliers

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Different family would choose different room
When we choose the chandeliers, we have to notice the size of the room and choose the different kinds of the lights, there are many people say that we could choose the chandeliers according to the room, we also could choose the chandeliers according to the size of the room, if you choose the chandeliers for the living room, we could choose the simple and beautiful chandeliers, some young people or the married people decorate the house, we had better not choose the boutique and warm color crystal chandeliers, if you want to install the chandeliers in the kitchen, then we could choose the warm and pretty chandeliers for life.

Third we could notice the brand and get the beautiful brand
There are many brand that are made according to the price of the chandeliers, it is all the same in the experience, some manufacture would install the perfect bulb outside of the chandeliers, then in the side of the chandeliers, they could install the bad chandeliers, from the experience of the chandeliers, we almost choose the cheap price, if you use it for long time, then you could know the disease of the bulbs, when we choose the chandeliers, we have to let the chandeliers safety and comfortable, we could choose the brand chandeliers, it is okay for us to tell the right brand, it is really important for us.