The methods of telling the lighting products

There would be many fake lighting products in the market, it could cause big harm for our eyes, it is with big dangerous factor when using the lighting products, if the quality is not wrong, it is dangerous for us to choose the fake lighting products. As the customers, how do we think about the quality of the products.

First quality of the lighting products
Mini Pendant Lighting.General light would be made of iron, that could be with rust easily. If you choose the good light, that is made of metal, keeps the surface of light from the rust.

Second about the filament
If you choose the perfect lighting products, that could be equipped with double filament, and the bad light choose the signal filament.

telling lighting products

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Third about the lighting part
As for the lamps, if you choose the lamps is disposable dusting, then it would shines properly after power ups. Bad lamps would be not proper after handmade dusting.

Fourth the price of the lighting products
When we purchase the products, we had better not think about the price, since the price would be the proper role of the price.

Fifth the authentication of lighting products
We had better see that if the lighting products is with 3C authentication, at the same time, we could check it carefully.

Sixth the new lighting products
New products maybe not be mature in the technology, when we purchase the lighting products, we could not choose the new products and ignore the old ones.

The placing position of the table lamps could cause much influence for the vision. Since most people would write the words with right hand, so we could place the lamps on the front and left of our body, it could be not with the shade when we wring words, otherwise the light would reflect to our eyes and cause the glare.

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