The fire dangerous of bedside lamps

Even the temperature of fluorescent Bedside Lamps is not high, even it could happy in danger, why it is, the question is not in the lamp, that is caused by ballast.

Different size of fluorescent lamps could be equipped with different power and electric current, so we had better match with ballast, that could reduce the voltage and limit the current. Ballast conclude the enameled ring and silicon. The structure could be like small transformer with coil. Ballast would consume some energy, and change it into thermal. So when we get the ballast powered, the coil and silicon would be with high temperature, otherwise, if they are bad quality, it could get the hot, if it is with high temperature, that would harm insulation, that could harm the insulation and become the short circuit, that could make the fluorescent.

dangerous of fluorescent lamps

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So when we purchase the fluorescent lamps, we had better purchase the good quality of the fluorescent lamps, and when we install the ballast, we had better not install it in the wet quality, at the same time, we could keep the some distance from the fire material, in our daily life, we had better notice the moisture proof and waterproof, and not turn on and off the fluorescent lamps.

Wash the flabellum, we could wash it from outside, then we could rib the water on the surface and keep the flabellum cool when installation.

If you use the fluorescent lamp in your daily life, we had better keep the best cleaning tips and necessary tips, we hope it could keep long life in the home furniture.

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