Tips about cleaning and maintenance crystal chandeliers

Chandeliers could be the decorative products in modern furniture home, even the chandeliers could show the comfort and warm in the home decoration, but they are hanged in high space, since the daily cleaning could be different from the chandeliers, how to clean and maintenance of the chandeliers?

There are many customers could have the mind that the chandeliers had better be close to the ceiling, the dust would not be easy to be inside, at the same time, when the ceiling light is lighted on, that could create the electromagnetic reaction, that could absorb the dust. In addition to, the crystal chandeliers could be changed through the lights, that could be equipped with the gap, that could let the dust inside. If it is for long time, that could make the chandeliers complex and ignore the vision, at the same time, it could let the dust cumulative and inflect the health, since the chandeliers in the room need cleaning and maintenance.

maintenance chandeliers

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When we clean and maintenance of chandeliers, the chandeliers could not be complex, that could be washed yourself, we could hang the chandeliers and chandeliers, at the same time, bulb is easy to be damaged, before we remove the shade, we had better shut down the power, we had better not with the wet cloth in case of leakage; when we scrub the chandeliers, we could turn over the pale stockings and bath towel and scrub the surface. Do not change the structure of the chandeliers and accessories, after you clean the chandeliers, we could put the chandeliers well, we had better not install the chandeliers with wrong methods.

According to different material of the shade, there are different kinds of washing methods, if we choose the fabric shade, we could use the cleaners and absorb the dust on the surface, then we could use some washers; if inside of the shade could be paper, in case of the damage of the washers, we could scrub the surface with wet cloth; scrub glass shade could be cleaned with the soft cloth, inside of the shade could be scrolled with soft cloth; dirty of the shade could be wiped on the surface of the metal base, at the same time, with some toothpaste, get rid of the dirty clearly. There is some tips: pull some vinegar to the water, and soak into the cloth, after we get it cool and scrub the chandeliers.

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