Choose the proper reading table lamps

People who likes reading books would need the proper table lamps, that is necessary. Proper re4ading table lamps would relax our mind when reading, then how to choose the table lamps for reading?

reading table lamps, $150.99, save 40% off

The table lamp is made of fabric shade, brass base and E27 screw base. That is in 22 inch height and 14.1 diameter. Best choice for study and bedroom.

Beige fabric shade is equipped with pleated embellishment, protects the bulbs totally and make the light romantic. Connects the dozen pieces of fabric shade, that is exquisite, transparent and suffer high temperature.

E27 screw base is made according to international standard, that is convenient for many different kinds of bulbs, such as incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and LED lamps.

Brass lamp fixture could be the best combination of fabric and brass, that is with seamless welding technology.

Romantic and soft beige fabric shade decorates the lamp in its own temperament.

Whole brass could protects the surface from the rust, suffers temperature that reaches 191 degree centigrade.

Brass base is made in above 1200 degree centigrade, impurity content is 70 percent lower than the industry standard, equipped with more than 30 processes.