Pendant light adds the traditional charming for the house

In the house, different kinds of pendant lights would give us different kinds of charming, today we will introduce the traditional style pendant light in details.

traditional pendant lights, $168.99, save 40% off

This pendant light would be made up of wooden fixture, leather shade and E27 lamp holder. It is 10.2 inch in height, 31.4 inch in width and 28.7 in ch in length. Proper for kitchen, bedroom and living room.

Wood ceiling plate is made of truly wooden material, that prevents surface from corrosion and rust. Surface is smooth and bright, under the painting finish, structure is solid and reliable.

Wooden frame is in burgundy color, decorates the pendant light in the noble style, with the painting finish, keeps surface from rust and corrosion.

Beside frame suffers the pressure from the leather shade totally.

Chinese style carved is vintage and pretty, high-end wooden carved is boutique and smart design.

High end leather shade could reflect great transmittance of light, combines the retro word printed pattern, show the vintage and elegant texture, unique taste and charming.

E27 lamp holder could be convenient for many different kinds of bulbs, incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs are all available. Leather shade keeps light soft and mild.