Antler chandeliers show us different charming in the house

Antler embellishment would reflect the unique charming, since the antler embellishment is full of exotic accessories. Then we will have a brief description of antler chandeliers.

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Antler chandelier is made up of antler fixture, glass shade and E27 lamp holder. It is 27.5 inch in height and 16.9 inch in diameter. It is proper for living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Good quality glass shade could be made of high-grade material, transmittance of light would be reach to 95 percent. Light is steady and not flash, high-grade glass making technology reflect the stunning effect.

Good quality natural resin would be made up of resin material, surface is equipped with boutique technology, that ensure long-term durability and not fade the colors.

Selection of good quality resin material, handmade craftsman made the style in details. Style is boutique, type is elegant and reality, reflects the countryside temperament.

Down light is like the round-shaped, combined with antler embellishment, chandelier is fixed with painting finish, keeps surface from rust and high temperature, antler embellishment decorates the chandelier in its own temperament.

Learn the details of antler chandelier, get the proper chandelier for your house.