Details of flush mount ceiling light

Ceiling light would be proper for many different kinds of occasions, different kinds of material and shaped is convenient for many houses. Next we will have a brief description of flush mount ceiling light.

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The ceiling light is composed of glass shade, wrought iron fixture and E14 lamp holder. It is 7.8 inch in height and 14.1 inch in diameter. Proper for bedroom, living room and bedroom.

The consummate craft, contracted and do not break art culture lasting appeal. The black light plating sand body, traditional European style and natural conversion between and blending, flows and culture lasting appeal.

Equipped with electroplated and gold of multiple-channel processes, that can prevent the rusting and reflects its unique taste. The machine pressure high temperature craft glass chimney, archaize design with unique design, so beautiful.

Boutique ceiling plate is in old world type, design composed air of do not break clever.

E14 lamp holder could be convenient for many different kinds of bulbs with 3C certification, such as incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs are all available. Using CE authentication of high temperature resistance screw base, let you use more assured.