Considering the features of wall lights kids

Lighting equipment is necessary in our life, it could bring us necessary lighting, at the same time, it could provide us unique lighting condition. However, good lighting condition could reflect its temperament of lights.

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This wall light is composed of glass shade, wrought iron fixture and E12/E14 lamp holder. Dimensions of fixture could be 15.7 inch in height and 6.2 inch in diameter.

Transparent glass shade protects the lamps totally, keeps light soft and mild. Inside glass shade, incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are all available. Glass shade has high transmittance of light.

Under the painting finish, wrought iron fixture is smooth and solid, keeps surface from rust.

Circular ceiling plate is made of wrought iron material, suffers the pressure from glass shade totally. Good connection with fixture arm perfectly.

Angel shaped embellishments adds the modern and contemporary temperament to this fixture, appeal to many kids.

Swing arm design show childish charming to this wall light in kids eyes.