Country style wall sconces-give you warm house

Romantic light would make the house warm and soft. Especially in the entryway, if it is equipped with country style wall sconce, let our mind back home and promote warm feeling.

country style wall sconces, $55.99, save 40% off

This wall sconce is made up of glass shade, metal base and E26/E27 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 11.8 inch in height and 7.8 inch in diameter.

This glass shade is made under three high temperature mask, metal edge keeps shade durable and has high transmittance of light.

Alloy fixture adopts unique aging process, manual carved technology, keeps fixture stunning and texture.

Glass shade holder is full of retro pattern, exquisite technology makes surface full of charming.

Metal base suffers the pressure from glass shade totally, under the electroplated finish, keeps metal base from rust and corrosion. Long-term durable and durable.

Do not hesitate, purchase country style wall sconces in our website and decorate your house in rustic temperament.