Dinning room wall sconce in your own taste

Dinning room lights could not only give us plenty of light, it also could create the atmosphere, since we had better choose warm color, which could adjust the light of the bulbs, in order not to save power, we could not choose the white energy-saving lamps.

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This wall sconce is made up of fabric shade, metal base and E26/E27 lamp holder. Dimensions of fixture could be 15.7 inch in height and 6.2 inch in diameter.

Fabric shade protects the lamps totally, has high transmittance of light. Pattern is clear and pastoral, easy to be cleaned.

Ceramic column with crystal adds the stunning temperament to this fixture.

E26/E27 lamp holder is convenient for various lamps, incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are all available.

Stainless steel base suffers the corrosion, protects the surface from rust. Silver base suffers the pressure from fabric shade totally.

Crystal pendant shines like diamond, reflects the dramatic temperament for this fixture.

Get the proper wall sconces and decorate your house in your own taste.