Get some knowledge of purchasing floor lamps

Lighting fixture could be the necessary building material of home, it can light our life at the same time, it can decorate our house, floor lamp is the necessary of decorating furniture, it can placed in living room or study to keep convenience for our reading, then what is the purchasing tips of floor lamps, next we will introduce for you!


When we purchase the floor lamps, we need to consider ceiling height, if your ceiling is too low, then the light would make us feel soft, at the same time, when you use uplight floor lamp, we had better choose white or light color ceiling, then it would have light-reflecting effect.


When you purchase floor lamp, we had better choose the bottom of shade, then we can not let eyes feel uncomfortable. In order to use it for convenience, we had better not place the reflect material, otherwise it is bad for our eyes.


As for floor lamp style, it is not used for lighting, in general, we regard it as decoration. So when we purchase this floor lamp, we need to consider it match with our whole furniture.

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The kids floor lamps could be the good choice for many kids, cute money is their friend. The soft fabric is comfortable for many kids, and the foot of the money could be moved easily. With the perfect iron, the quality of the kids floor lamp could be ensured.