Amazing! This kind of LED light can be bright by candles

Everyone is familiar with LED light. Generally speaking, it is supported by battery or exchange electric current. However, in the eyes of designers, the LED light must has a unique feature, then most people will be fond of it.

The new candle LED light.
Today, let’s look at the chic and unique LED light. The fuel of the light is candle adn it can attract people’s eyes greatly. It is said by the designer that this LED light takes full advantage of the principle of physics, so it turns the heat into power. The power can be stored in the battery to let the diode of the LED light be bright.

The brightness can be adjusted freely.

The high brightness mode.

The effect of LED light.

There are various colors for people to choose.
In order to meet people’s different demands, there are various colors of this kind of candle LED light for people to choose, such as white, pink, red, blue or some other colors. We can put the candle on the botton of the light and ignite the candle and wait for a few minutes, then the light will be bright. Overall, the creative of the new LED light is unique and we don’t need the battery or power. It is a good choice for emergency.

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