How to choose the crystal European wall lamp in high quality

How to choose the crystal European wall lamp in high quality? what we need to pay attention to when we choose the material of European crystal light? The crystal light is favored by many people due to its clear and shiny appearance. We need to know the fabric of the crystal light when we choose the crystal light to avoid buying the light in poor quality. JU JIA light is famous all around the world due to its high quality and new design. It mainly produces a series of crystal light such as chandelier, ceiling light and wall lamp.

Crystal Wall Sconces

“Natural Crystal” is mainly imitation crystal.

The crystal light can give people a noble and dreamy feeling. The original crystal light can consist of mental stent, candle, natural crystal or quartz decoration. Later, the natural crystal has been replaced by artificial crystal because the cost of natural crystal is too high. Then, the incandescent light replaces the candle. In modern market, the crystal light uses the incandescent light which in candle shape to be the light source. It will consume more power because there are many light bulbs in each crystal light. Whether can we use the energy saving lamp to replace the flame light? Though the idea is filled with creative, the energy saving light will affect the whole visual effect of crystal light. Because only the transparent incandescent light in no colors can refract colorful lightning.

However, you can never think that the crystal light is made of natural crystal. At present, the crystal light in the market for sale is made of artificial crystal. It is introduced by experts that the crystal lights in the market are made of artificial crystal or craft crystal, because there is stripe and floc and some other natural defects on the natural crystal and the source of the natural crystal is limited. Therefore, when the salesman introduce the crystal light to you, you should know that it is made of imitation crystal. However, if the salesman tell you that it is made of natural crystal, then you need to pay more attention to it.

Crystal Wall Sconces

The difference between different artificial crystal is large.

Different artificial crystal has different levels and qualities. We need to pay more attention to the quality of the crystal because the price of the crystal light depends on the quality of the crystal. It is said by the expert that the crystal is a kind of glass. When the rate of lead oxide is up to 24%, and the refraction is up to 1.545, then it can be called crystal. The crystal lights on the market are mainly filled with lead. The content of lead oxide should be over 30%, then the transparency can be ensured. From the tangent plane aspect, the regular, smooth, silky tangent plane or the plane in angularly distinct is the guarantee of the refraction effect. What’s more, it is better to exist no bubble, crack or impurities in the crystal.

Crystal Wall Sconces

Therefore, when consumer choose the crystal light, they can take these aspects into consideration. First, they can observe the transparency of the crystal; Besides, they can look at the data proof of lead content; In addition, they can touch the surface of the tangent plane and the edge and corner of the tangent plane. Finally, they can observe whether there is bubble in the crystal. Generally speaking, if you compare the pendent of domestic crystal light with the imported crystal light,then you will find the transparency of the imported crystal is higher than the domestic crystal. The tangent plane of imported crystal is smooth and there is no impurities almostly, while there are bubbles or impurities in the domestic crystal.

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Crystal Wall Sconces

This crystal wall sconces could be equipped with wrought iron fixture, crystal shade and E14 screw base. Under the high end finish, wrought iron surface is smooth. Dimension of fixture is 10.2 inch in height and diameter. Crystal shade decorates the wall sconces texture.