Choice of kids table lamps-purchasing tips of kids table lamps

Nowadays parents would spend time on kids, kids healthy would be cared about by parents, so whatever you choose for kids, we had better be carefully, kids table lamps are all included, usage of kids table lamps influence kids eyes health. Next we will show you the purchasing tips about kids table lamps.

First: security

As for kids table lamps, we had better consider safety problem, especially for kids’reading under the lamp, then the safe kids table lamp is necessary, even it is first choice for table lamps. Since when we choose table lamps, we had better notice following tips:

1. Distance between switch and fixture had better be far, then parents would place the dangerous fixtures in the position that kids can not be reached. We can place switch for kids.

2. Switch is convenient and useful, that can not broken away, in avoid of breakage phenomenon.

3. Heat dissipation had better be reasonable, in order not to be touched by kids and prevents burns.

4. Installation of base and bulbs had better be away from position that can not be touched by kids.

5. Choice of kids table lamps are not like kids table lamps, we had better prevent kid to regard it as toy, and lead to be harmed by kids.

6. Kids table lamps are not made of light and fragile material, to avoid falling down by kids.

7. In avoid of perpendicular incidence of light, blackouts of sunlight of shade had better be high, that can avoid causing harm for kids eyes.

Second: enjoyment

Usage of kids table lamps are not only for lighting function, usage of kids table lamps had better satisfy characters of kids mental development. The house lighting could not only satisfy need of kids living and study, but also kids table lamps could let light soft, in order to develop kids health, it makes important influence on making good livng condition.

Besides energy-saving, romantic light and material. Animal, car and etc shaped designs are appeal to kids, at the same time, it could healp us largen our vision and knowing world. I think with the accompany of meaningful table lamps, your kids would enjoy happy and healthy day.

Third: choice of light bulbs

The alternating current we always use could be changeable according to different voltage, this can be called strobe. The strobe of 100 times every second, it belongs to low strobe, it does harm for our eyes, if you read books, study and etc under this light, that could keeps kids’ eyes dry, sore and tired, that can cause high shortsightedness.

Nowadys there is health caring table lamp without strobe, this product changes from 50HZ of electrical signal to 45000HZ of high-frequency signal through electric, that keeps our eyes not feel strobe, that is best for our eyes, since life of light bulbs can be reached into 8000 hours, that is best choice for kids table lamps.

The above can introduce the purchasing tips of kids table lamps, hope this could help parents choose the proper table lamps, and to protect kids health and study.

Shaped Animal Lamps For Kids $108.99

Animal lamp is composed of metal fixture, fabric shade and E27 lamp holder. Dimensions of fixture could be 49.6*11.8 inch. Fabric shade supported by metal design with E27 lamp holder, directions of fabric shade is adjustable, convenient for using. Button switch has painting finish, modern look.