The introduction of the light material and the feature of all kinds of materials

The light is necessary for every family. The light is usually regarded as the home’s eye, so it is a necessary part. We need to choose the light for our home carefully, because the light can beautify the room and create a different environment. The material and type of light for different rooms should be different. For example, the crystal chandelier for living room is not suitable for the kitchen, so the material of light is a key point. Let’s have a look together!

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The purchase of the material of light —- various materials of light

There are lots of choices of light materials, such as the iron, crystal, resin, acrylic and glass and so on. It is inevitable that we will be confused when we are confronted with so many various light designs.

The materials of light are wide, such as copper, iron, stainless steel, rattan, wood, glass, PVC quality, plastic quality, bone, paper and so on. The material can determine the shape.

For example, the stainless steel or glass light mainly pays attention to the lines of light. Its shape highlights the bright and smooth streak, so it has a strong modern feeling, and it is the first choice of European and American style. The copper and iron lights are mainly wall lamp and chandelier. It looks classical and elegant, solemn and serious; The crystal chandelier in branch shape looks luxury and glamorous, so it is suitable for the European imitation retro room.

Glass chandeliers

The purchase of the material of light —- various features of light materials

First, let me introduce the pastoral chandelier with six heads. It mainly takes advantage of the iron material, which is a kind of good material can avoid getting rust. It is convenient for people to clean the light and we just need to use the dry rag to dip the water and then clean the light. This kind of European pastoral chandelier is decorated with graceful small and chic floral patterns. The small floral patterns echo with each other after opening the light and the whole effect looks beautiful and amazing.

Among the light materials, the resin material is a good choice because it has a strong physical intensity, corrosion resistance and insulation degree. Here is a European silk telephone table lamp. It takes advantage of the soft and bright silk fabric, so it can improve the artistic taste and funky feeling of light design. It is a kind of perfect combination of pragmatic and decorative function.

Crystal chandeliers

With the increasing attention on art, the crystal material is becoming more and more popular. It looks funky and beautiful and it has a strong pragmatic function. It is Eco-friendly and it has a longer service life. If we choose the crystal light to decorate the living room, then the whole living room looks elegant and amazing. The polished and clear appearance of crystal material can improve the light intensity. It can show a graceful and high-end level.

The beautiful light can improve the funny feel and give people a warm environment. Different light material shows a different artistic feeling. For example, the glass crystal chandelier can show the noble and chic temperament.

Iron chandelier

The above are some introductions of choosing light materials. If you want to see more lighting tips, please see here.You can choose the suitable light according to the pattern of your room. All kinds of beautiful chandelier is suitable for the living room. We can install the wall lamp in corridor and balcony. The ceiling light is suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, then it is convenient for people to clean. We should not pay attention to the material of light when we choose the light, but also need to take the occasion into consideration.