Spice Up Your Old Chandeliers Now- Large Drum Shade Chandeliers For Your Home!

Tired of the same old chandelier that you’ve been using at home? Have you ever thought of altering or changing your chandelier to make it look updated and more modern? Then, perhaps you’ll love drum shade chandeliers!

Crystal Drum Chandelier With Floral

What’s a Drum Shade Chandelier?

Take your old chandelier and turn it into a hot new one by adding a dainty drum shade over it! A drum shade chandelier is basically a chandelier with a drum-shaped shade around it. Adding a drum shade provides a more muted, soft feel to the chandelier, s well as toning down the light it produces to a more ambient one. Easily great for a bedroom or a lanai, drum shade chandeliers are beautiful decors and provide feelings of relaxed beauty to a room. Perfect for updating your old chandelier’s look, drum shade chandeliers are becoming a fast growing trend in the world of lighting today. Easily amp up your creativity level and enhance your chandeliers- let your creative juices flow while choosing the perfect drum shade for your chandelier!

drum shade chandeliers

Tips and Tricks

There are lots of options available to you whenever you decide to combine or add drum shades to your chandeliers. Drum shades come in lots of shapes and styles- there are simple drum shapes, cone paper styles, square shades, bead shades, linen shades with different metal designs outside, opaques, sheer shades and a whole lot more! Experiment with shades and lamps to suit your home’s design needs. You’ll find that the most common large drum shade chandeliers are ones with sheer drum shades. Adding a large sheer drum shade to a large crystal chandelier adds more oomph and beauty by providing a nice layered look, letting you see the crystals and light seeping through the sheer drum shade. Looking for a more modern style? Take your contemporary chandelier and add an opaque drum shade to it. Have excess mini chandeliers at home? Amp up its beauty all the more by placing a sleek and pretty drum shade to achieve a nice pendant chandelier look. The possibilities are endless, as I said, let your creativity set loose!

Chandeliers With Drum Shades And 3-Light

Level Up Your Chandeliers Now!

What are you waiting for? Acquire your drum shades now and get ready to breathe new life to your old chandeliers. If you’re not quite sure how to make it work, get assistance from a trusted lighting expert in your local stores. Or if you want to, you can purchase a totally new large drum shade chandeliers! You’ll never run out of style options to choose from, so go ahead and level up your home’s natural beauty now!