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Shabby chic chandeliers

Nowadays, the shabby chic style is becoming more and more popular. There is no strict standards for this kind of style, and the classical or vintage style which have been combined with the modern style seems to be right and suitable. There are many shabby chic products on the market, and I want to introduce the shabby chic chandeliers in this paper.

Why shabby chic chandeliers become so popular? Actually, it is a kind of complex style which can show the classical and modern style simultaneously. For example, we can choose the candle crystal chandeliers to decorate the rustic home style, then the whole appearance must be changed a lot and the whole temperament will be improved greatly.

Shabby Chic 8-Light Chandeliers 0-39W Power

(ITEM ID:LSH150509112811)

People usually think funky things are expensive. Actually it is not. The shabby chic chandeliers are at reasonable price, and maybe that’s why so many people are fond of it. It is suitable for the modern and tradition style. The shabby chic style, the unique design, the reasonable price, and the charming feeling, and so on, all of these can affect the home decorations effectively.

Besides, the shabby chic chandeliers can made of iron, bronze, crystal and some other materials. You can also choose some other interior decorations to match with the shabby chic chandeliers, such as the candle wall sconces, photo frames and so on.

In all, once you know more about the shabby chic chandeliers, your love will be deeper and deeper.

shabby chic chandeliers

As we know, the Gothic style is regarded as the beautiful, expensive, rare thing in the world. Thus, many designers add this elements into lights. Then, the shabby chic and unique black crystal chandeliers were born. The definitely black color, and the bright lighting, the shiny crystal material and so on, all of these determine that the black crystal chandeliers can be said a great art work.

The black crystal chandeliers have been used widely in theater, cinema and some other places. They can decorate the space look more cool, graceful and amazing.

Produce a good and complete black crystal chandeliers may cost three months. And it needs large patience and a lot of efforts. Designers have to design the whole picture ahead of time, and the factory can choose the suitable material to process it. The stainless steel whole frame, the painting fixture, and polished surface and so on, each process will guarantee the final perfect black and unique appearance.

Glass 3-Light Black Ceiling Plate Chandeliers

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You can choose them at the specific shops with famous brands, or you can choose them online to make a comparison. There is no deny that the price of black crystal chandeliers are high. So you’d better consider your budget ahead of time. In addition, you also need to determine the position for hanging the black crystal chandelier. The correct position will keep your room look more beautiful and perfect.

In all, think about everything carefully before making a final choice, and then you can get the best effect to make your home look amazing and attractive. Also, you will find that it is certainly for the money.

Introduction of modern white chandelier LSH1610110914182

modern white chandelier

modern white chandelier, save 40% off

The above is picture of real products, this chandelier is 4-tiered type, it is 9+3+3+3 type, and this is suitable for living room, dinning room, bedroom and etc.

modern white chandelier

Dimension of lighting fixture is 65*80cm, sling chain length is 50 cm, 9 pcs of twigs are with lamp holder, other 9 pcs of twigs are without screw base, illumination area is around 20-25 space meters.

modern white chandelier

There are 4 pcs of white boxes, three small boxes are with three holes, these are suitable to install twigs without lamp holder, one big white box is with nine holes, this is for 9 pcs of twigs with screw base.

modern white chandelier

Big white box has growth ring shape, creative and antique atmosphere. Nine holes are connected to 9 pcs of twigs with lamp holder. Carved design is made by professional master, exquisite and vivid.

modern white chandelier

Small box with cover design connects twigs together, wrought iron box with resin pole leads to 9+3+3+3 type, keeps lighting source balanced and decorates fixture antique look.

modern white chandelier

The white twig is with E14 lamp holder and made of 5 pcs of branches, that is connected to big box with nine holes, twig surface has painting finish in white, whole structure is made of resin material, candle type lamp holder has classic look.

modern white chandelier

This white twig has 5 pcs of branches, antler look design keeps lighting fixture antique and stylish, twig itself is made of resin material, solid and durable, and connected to small box with three holes.

modern white chandelier

Screw base is E14 type, outside has wrought iron surface protection, E14 lamp holder is made according to international standard, metal and plastic material combination is safety assurance.

modern white chandelier

The whole twig has 2 pcs of wires, that are connected to fire wire and zero line. Screw Rod is durable and vivid.

modern white chandelier

Ceiling plate is hung by 50cm long chain, suffers pressure from lighting fixtures, chain is made of quality wrought iron, long-term durable and quality ensure. Round ceiling plate is installed into ceiling, then connected to end stopper. Delivery with screw accessories.

The display of European chandelier

The European style can be divided into different styles such as nordic style, simple European style and traditional European style according to the different regional culture. The pastoral style is popular in 17 century. It pays attention to the change of lines. Its colors look luxury and brilliant. The European style can not only used to design furniture, but also used to decorate the home widely. It is also suitable for the style of chandelier. Next, Save lights will show you the display of European chandelier.

European chandelier

The European style is usually romantic and the decorative materials are mainly marble, colorful fabric, exquisite carpet and chic French wall hanging. The whole style is luxury and gorgeous and it is filled with strong dynamic effect. The European chandelier highlights the romantic environment greatly.

European chandelier

The European style, which is a kind of style that full of European traditional artistic culture. According to the different periods, it is usually divided into classic, medieval, renaissance, Baroque, new classical, Rococo style and so on. We can choose the most suitable style according to our own preferences.

European chandelier

Generally speaking, the European style can always give people a luxury, elegant and noble feeling. And if you need to define the feature of one style, you need pay attention to the form of the style and the humanistic characteristic. This is also the standards for us to judge the style of the work.

European chandelier

Many people are fond of European chandelier. They usually think that the European chandelier has a special temperament that other styles can not reach to. It seems that this style comes from the royal or some period long time ago.

Creative Shade Glass Antler Chandelier $397.99
European chandelier

The glass antler chandelier is made up of resin fixture, glass shade and E14 lamp holder. Resin fixture is equipped with clear texture, reflects antique temperament of chandelier. Beige glass shade protects the lamps totally, has high transmittance of light.

Choose wholesale crystal chandeliers for your house

Crystal chandelier is luxury and clear, choose the proper chandelier that is best method to decorate your house. Crystal chandelier plays important role in lighting house, we also could combine with other lighting fixture.

wholesale crystal chandelier

Wholesale crystal chandelier, $ 276.99, save 40% off

The chandelier is composed of crystal fixture, E12/E14 screw base and silver ceiling plate. Dimensions of fixture could be 23.6 inch in height and 23.6 inch in diameter. Silver ceiling plate suffers the pressure from the fixture totally. E12/E14 screw base is suitable for various lamps.

wholesale crystal chandelier

Luxury column has luxury temperament to the fixture, that suffers the pressure from fixture totally. Unique Ceiling plate suffers the pressure from fixture totally. Lotus shaped reflects unique temperament to the fixture through the elegance charming.

wholesale crystal chandelier

The glass column reflects charming of crystal, circular shaped design reflects the temperament of crystal material. The crystal material reflects the charming of the fixture.

wholesale crystal chandelier

Screw shaped arm reflects noble charming of glass material. Twisted-fibred shaped glass adds luxury temperament to fixture totally.

wholesale crystal chandelier

K9 crystal reflects dramatic sight as star shinning. Beautiful imagination of star shinning and dreaming.

wholesale crystal chandelier

High end thick base suffers the pressure from fixture totally. Elegant classical style reflects the low profile temperament.

Hardware fixture chandelier with glass shade- decorate house in your taste

Take advantage of fixtures physically, that need to consider harmony of light source, at the same time, we have to think about the fixture and room structure. Then we could make warm atmosphere and make house beautiful.

Hardware fixture chandeliers, $161.99, save 40% off

The chandelier is made of glass shade, hardware fixture and E26/E27 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 18.1 inch in height and 23.6 inch in diameter. Chain length is 11.8 inch.

Spiral shaped fixture has electroplated and polishing finish, color is everlasting and beautiful. European pattern ceiling plate is solid and durable. Crystal embellishment decorates the fixture stunning.

Mellow jade embellishment and electroplated column combination reflects the vintage temperament.

Frosted glass shade in stylish gradual change design suffers high temperature, solid and thick. High transmittance of light.

Glass shade has European pattern, has high transmittance of light, ensures exquisite wrought iron base with high decorative function.

The above could be details of chandelier, hope all choose proper chandelier for your house. Do not hesitate and choose chandelier in our site!

White fabric shade chandeliers-best choice for living room

Nowadays chandelier is no longer regarded as lighting experiment, that has become the decorative thing. One unique chandelier could add colors for our living room, that reflects your taste.

white fabric shade chandeliers, $177.99, save 40% off

This chandelier is composed of fabric shade, wrought iron fixture and E12/E14 screw base. Dimensions of fixture are 33.8 inch in height and 29.9 inch in diameter. Sling chain length is 39.3 inch.

Good quality fabric shade protects the lamps totally, texture and exquisite. Fabric shade protects from rust, easy to be cleaned.

High end fabric shade has unique dust proof technology, no dust and easy to clean. Inside glass shade, E12/E14 lamp holder is convenient for various lamps, incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are available.

Elegant painting arm reflects natural temperament, equipped with industrial style. Selection of good quality wrought iron, hanging fixture is solid and protects from rust.

Choose proper chandelier for your house, then your could decorate your room in your own taste.

Chandelier for dinning room 12-light is smart choice!

If your dinning room is enough large, choose chandeliers as master lighting, adds wall sconce to be accompany, that could be ideal lighting method. Choose small chandeliers to combine with ceiling lights, under the basic lighting, we light the room perfectly.

chandeliers for dinning room, $372.99, save 40% off

This chandelier is made up of fabric shade, glass fixture and E12/E14 screw base. Dimensions of fixture are 29.9 inch in height and 27.5 inch in diameter.

Thicken crystal column connects fixture safely, thicker than same industry sellers, classic and elegant workmanship pattern reflects the royal temperament.

Selection of fabric material, best workmanship and unique shape show beauty of this fixture.

Glass holder adopts tempered glass, suffers the 50kg weight shock, reflects the crystal embellishment of the fixture.

Adopts E12/E14 lamp holder, high smart and satisfy high temperature and insulation maintenance, E12/E14 lamp holder is convenient for various lamps, such as incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs.

First class crystal has 35 percent lead content, its density and purity have been three times of general crystal, multi-section would reflect its best effect.

3-light glass shade chandeliers in the lighting condition

In fast modern life, fixture could be not only used to light the house, most people would reflect its appearance and culture value. Now we will show you the details of glass shade chandeliers.

glass shade chandeliers, $215.99, save 40% off

This chandelier is made up of glass shade, wrought iron fixture and E26/E27 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 25.9 inch in height and 27.5 inch in diameter. Sling chain length is 19.6 inch.

Amber glass shade adopts thicken amber glass technology, reflects the elegance and exotic charming. This glass shade protects the lamps totally, keeps light romantic and soft.

Glass shade protects the lamps totally, unique shaped glass shade keeps light soft and romantic. Amber glass shade is equipped with amber temperament of the style.

Thick hardware fixture has painting finish, whole fixture adopts thick hardware material, under high temperature baking technology, long-term durable and texture.

Surface has painting finish, black wrought iron suffers the pressure from glass shade totally.

The above could be details of glass shade chandeliers, do not hesitate and purchase chandeliers in lightsinhome!

Antler chandeliers for sale-show unique temperament of house

European culture is spread over the over, in the world range, the decoration of the house and chandeliers are becoming more and more popular, there are many people who like classic chandeliers, we all appreciate this art charming.

antler chandeliers for sale, $230.99, save 40% off

This chandelier is made up of resin fixture, E12/E14 lamp holder and metal fixture. Dimensions of fixture 12.9 inch in height and 11.8 inch in diameter.

Resin antler is equipped with selection of resin material, beautiful type reflects the noble and rustic temperament. Antler fixture is made by pure manual workmanship.

Unique resin twig reflects the unique temperament of the body curve, let us feel the natural charming.

Candle shaped E12/E14 screw base is equipped with romantic temperament, E12/E14 screw base is convenient for various lamps, incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are all available.

Choose antler chandelier for sale, get the highest effective for your house.

Casual chandeliers with candle shaped shade

Many designers would design chandeliers for living room, decoration companies would provide us similar sizes and styles of customers to different chandeliers, crystal chandeliers would be equipped with multi-choices.

casual chandeliers, $269.99, save 40% off

This chandelier is made of glass shade, wrought iron fixture and E26/E27 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 19.6 inch in height and 28.7 inch in diameter.

Wrought iron ceiling plate is made of high-quality material, surface has painting finish, long-term durability and prevents surface from rust.

Black wrought iron fixture suffers the pressure from glass shade totally, surface is smooth and solid.

Wrought iron arm is designed in mellow design and exquisite workmanship, reflects the elegance temperament, black wrought iron fixture is equipped with perfect manual technology.

Candle shaped glass shade decorates the fixture in retro temperament, made by high end painting craftsman, this glass shade is made by hand blown, surface is exquisite and steady, not fade the color easily. Inside glass shade, E26/E27 screw base is suitable for various lamps, incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are all available.