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Tips and instructions of wall sconces

Wall sconces would not be used as the main lights, that could be installed on the wall, which could be used for the house, when we install it on the bed, living room and hallway.

Notice the quality of the shade
When we purchase wall sconces, we had better notice the quality of the lights. Shade could be made of glass, the fixture could be made of the metal. We had better check it proper, at the same time, the surface patterned could be harmony with the whole style. We could check the metal is proper, at the same time, the color and patterned could be bright, that could be the important tips.

instructions of wall sconces

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Light of the wall sconces
In general, light could be soft, the voltage would below 60W. In addition to that, we could choose the different kinds of wall sconces according to the installations, for example, if that is small room, we could use the candle wall sconces, if there is big room, then we could choose double wall sconces, if there is big room, then we could choose thick wall sconces, otherwise, we could choose thin sconce. At last, we had better check the wall sconces with shade, that could make the fire, that could be dangerous.

Tips of choosing the wall sconces
The type of wall sconces would be harmony with place, if the big room could install the double wall sconces, the small room would be installed with signal wall sconce.

Thickness of the wall sconces could be harmony with the place. If the thick wall sconces could be chosen by the big room. The voltage of the wall sconces could be chosen by the different destination. Installation height would be over the head.

Tips of installing LED fluorescent lamps

LED fluorescent lamps are the common lighting product in the decorating the furniture, we could install the fluorescent lamps according to the different methods, LED fluorescent lamps could be divided into flush mount install, suspended installation and direct mounting, but no matter how do you install the lights, we have to get some necessary tips, then keeps high quality of the LED fluorescent lamps, which tips do we need to care about installing the LED fluorescent lamps, today we will have a brief description about it.

installing LED fluorescent lamps

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First LED fluorescent lamps could be installed in cool, less dust, no corrosive gas, flammable and explosive materials places. Allowable power supply voltage fluctuations within + 20% to -20% of the rated voltage, (Semi Flush Ceiling Lights)beyond technical parameters will affect the lighting, high voltage electronic ballasts may be burned.

Second different type LED fluorescent bulb had better be equipped with same voltage electronic ballasts.

Third cable connecting the bulb shall not arbitrarily extended.

Fourth as for the cold winter, when we use the fluorescent lamps in the outdoor, do not remove the surface of fixture.

Sixth before we install LED fluorescent lamps, we had better get the lights electric and ensure the safety, then that could avoid the trouble which brought to us after installation.

Seventh when we install the fluorescent lamps, we had better fix the lamps perfectly.

Installation knowledge of crystal chandeliers

LED stripes could be the normal lights nowadays, in general, that could be installed in the room and outdoor, no matter it is used in the door or out door, when we install the LED stripes, there are same process, when we install the LED stripes, we also have some necessary tips, there are about three parts in installations.

Necessary tips about installing the LED stripes
General voltage of LED stripes could be 12V DC, since we also need switch to supply the power, Crystal Chandeliers, size of power supply could be decided by the power of LED stripes and length, wiring monochrome 5050 SMD LED lights to distinguish between positive and negative, in general, we would provide the welded power plug, it is not okay until we provide the voltage of the stripes, if we don’t want the switch to control the LED stripes, we could purchase the big voltage to be equipped as the main voltage, then we could put all the LED lights all in parallel with the input power, which could supply power with switch.

Installation knowledge of LED stripes

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Connections methods of controllers
LED stripes and RGB symphony lights with RGB could reach the effect, when we connect the wire, the colorful stripes could be common anode, LED stripes above the other is negative + 12V, the other distance could be different, in general, distance of simple controller could be around 10 to 15 meters, and the remote controller could be around 15 to 20 meters, the longest could be around 30 meters.

Connection distance of LED stripes
In general, the connection length could be around 20 meters, if that is beyond this connection distance, then LED stripes is easy to get warm, when we use the LED stripes, that could influence the LED life, since when we install the LED stripes, we had better install the lights according to the requirements, in case of overload.