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Metal base table lamps would add the luxury charming with tips

Every time when we purchase the table lamps for the room, we could think about the Euro table lamps, that could be classic, fashion and unique table lamps. We could let the table lamps decorate the room with our own satisfaction. So purchasing the table lamps would be more and more popular.

metal base table lamps, $53.99, save 40% off

The table lamps would be equipped with fabric shade, metal base and E14 lamp holder. Connected with the simple but elegant type, the table lamps can be regarded as the decorative function.

Imported quality would be equipped with personality design, which could be convenient in using, simple when we decorate the room. White fabric shade makes light soft and mild.

Lamp body is so elegant, when light is on, that would be with gradient color, that would be with practical design.

Garlic metal base would be under the painting finish, makes surface smooth and solid like silk.

E14 lamp holder would be convenient for many different kinds of bulbs with 3C certification. Turn aperture left, place the shade right and install the aperture well.

Every time when we choose the table lamps for the room, the simple but elegant table lamps would be your best decorative lamps.

Angel shaped bedside lamps decorates room in temperament

Decorate the room in our own taste, that could be same mind for the house keeper. As for the study, if you get the proper bedside lamps, that would be good choice in the room. Learn the details of bedside lamps, that would be helpful in choosing.

bedside lamps, $72.99, save 40% off

The bedside lamps would be made of fabric shade, E27 screw base and resin angel shaped. It is in 15.7 inch height and 9 inch diameter. Proper for study and bedroom with modern charming.

White fabric shade protects the bulbs totally, made of boutique material, makes light soft and romantic.

Pink tassels could be connected with fabric shade, boutique material would be around the fabric shade, decorates the bedside lamps in its own temperament.

Angel patterned could be made of good quality resin material, reflects the paradise occasion under painting finish. Cute angel shaped sends out the warm atmosphere.

Beige resin column connects the fabric shade and base, that is equipped with painting technology, keeps surface solid. Countryside flavor ancient ways is added to the type.

All could be decorated to the study, among the lighting market, bedside lamps would be most amazing.

Description of proper bedside lamps

With the development of the proper bedside lamps, because of the special position, there are special decorative effect, in order to follow the best effect, we could develop the material into the new style, which could equip with various furniture technology. The important is to light the room. Next we will have a brief description of bedside lamps, hope these would help you some.

white bedside lamps, $67.99, save 40% off

Table lamps would be made of fabric shade, resin base and E27 lamp holder. Equipped with the high end technology, whole European style keeps room temperament.

Resin lamp body would be printed by high end craftsman, under hundreds of technology, the boutique carved would be finished finally.

Unique paisley printed fabric shade protects the bulbs totally, handmade crystal would be made of retro tassels, fabric shade keeps light soft and mild, open design of the shade is equipped with best function.

Beige bead tassels would be connected to the shade totally, decorates the shade with perfect fabric.

Resin lamp cup would be made by handmade technology, makes the whole layout according to the high end finish technology.

Bedside lamps would be the best choice for the room, according to different room and style, different people would be different in the choosing bedside lamps.

Brown classic table lamps decorate the bedside well

There are more and more people who choose the European furniture decoration, that could be equipped with luxury and modest charming, but if you choose the European style, then the furniture would be harmony with the lamps in the style, then how to purchase the table lamps with the furniture?

classic lamp for bedroom, $88.99, save 40% off

The table lamps would be made of fabric shade, brown resin base and E27 lamp holder. Classic type and brown color combination keeps the room glamorous.

Boutique lamp cup would be round in type, with expected details of the work, design to the production process.

High end brown fabric is equipped with pretty liner, makes the light soft and mild, fabric shade protects the bulbs totally.

Fabric shade would suffer the pressure with the metal fixture, the fixture would be made of 4.5mm steel, comparing with iron material, that suffers high heat, it would not be destroyed easily.

Lamp would be made of 100% natural resin handmade material, which could be healthy, green and environmental.

E27 lamp holder could be convenient for use and helpful, which could be convenient for incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps.

Table lamps would be glamorous and elegant, which could be convenient for the room, the color and style could be harmony with the room style. Choose the right table lamps, that help our sleep well.

Features of discount floor lamps

In our mind, floor lamps could be very expensive in the market, for the ordinary people, we don’t have much money to afford it. Then we could choose the floor lamps online, this could help us save much cost in the purchasing, today we will teach you much more about floor lamps, hope this could help you some.

discount floor lamps, $220.99, save 40% off


The floor lamps could be made of fabric shade, resin carved base and E27 screw base. With retro charming, the floor lamps would decorate the room with the unique temperament.

Body of fixture could be with electroplated finish, keeps surface from the rust with classic patterned.

Resin base keeps pattern with classic carved, under the painting finish, keeps surface from the rust.

Beige fabric shade is with tassels, protects the bulbs totally and keeps the light soft and mild.

Foot pedal suffers convenience for the switch, in the dark, that could be changeable for the people.

Classic tassels are combined by handmade craftsman, retro charming with the fabric shade.

Discount floor lamps could not only save money for the people, but also there are many different styles of floor lamps for us, everyone could choose the proper floor lamps with their taste.

Carved resin floor lamps for bedroom

As for the people who like to use the floor lamps to decorate the room, they always want to create the warm and simple style, at this time, if we choose the retro floor lamps, which could make harmony with the living condition, at the same time, that could help us save the lighting problem, why not do like that?

Vintage floor lamps, $211.99, save 40% off

The resin floor lamps could be made of fabric shade, carved fixture and E27 screw base. Combined with high end technology, the retro floor lamps keeps harmony and special charming for the room.

With 3D hemline technology, simple floral patterned and handmade fabric reflect the familiar technology, fabric shade protects the bulbs totally, keeps light soft and mild.

Unique floral patterned with double piece liner is equipped with gradient color, that could be glamorous and soft beauty.

Transparent bead tassels is managed by handmade craftsman, careful in details with crystal.

Under handmade technology technology, brown resin fixture is made of nature resin material, combines the advantage of hard and resisting.

Resin retro carved base suffers much pressure from the shade, handmade by thousands of hours under high end finish.

Then when we choose the floor lamps like this, you would change the mind that the floor lamps would not decorate the room, this floor lamps would be your correct choice!

Rustic floor lamps decorate the house perfectly

In recent years, with the development of our living condition, our life has been developed fast, we have changed our mind quickly, at the same time, interior light would be the best decorative for our house. As for the decorating house, the floor lamps would be necessary matching with the layout, today we will introduce the floor lamps like this.

Rustic floor lamps, $215.99, save 40% off

Pastoral floor lamps would be made of fabric shade, grey resin fixture and E27 screw base. Rustic carved with the fixture reflects modest rustic charming by craftsman.

Design of fabric shade combines with the fixture, under the precision grinding, whole fabric shade is with elegance charming. Fabric shade protects bulbs totally.

Exquisite base is made of resin material, that suffers much pressure from the fabric shade, whole layout of base is made according to high end technology.

Boutique carved patterned on the fixture adds exotic temperament by high level retro finish.

E27 screw base is convenient for many different kinds of bulbs with 3C authentication, provides much suffer for the bulbs.

Floor lamps would be best placed for the living room and bedroom, would bring romance for the house. With the pastoral floor lamps, we all make the stylish living condition.

Fancy resin table lamps and brief structure introduction

Nowadays table lamps have been the popular decorative for the furniture world, many people would like to choose the fancy table lamps for bedroom and living room in the mind. There are various kinds of lamps in material and technology, different lamps would be equipped with different function in your room, next we will have a brief description about fancy resin table lamps, hope this help you in purchasing.

Fancy resin table lamps, $102.99, save 40% off

Fancy resin table lamp reflects elegance charming to decorate your room. Combined with resin peacock fixture and romantic floral fabric shade to reflect pastoral charming in the house. The table lamp is through high end technology to make handmade tassels with shade.

Peacock lamp body is made by old craftsman in details, has boutique layout in style, under electroplated finish, peacock base keeps surface smooth and solid. Handmade cognac fixture shows timeless patterned technology totally.

Resin base could be with complex carving, high end craftsman made pretty product through thousands of years, has elegant lines and beautiful shape.

Unique jacquard patterned with beads fabric shade reflects elegance charming, floral fabric shade protects the bulbs nicely, makes light soft and mild. With the fabric shade, that decorates whole layout in tactfully temperament.

There are two types in choosing switches, dimming switch and button switch. We had better pay attention to the dimming switch, efficient bulb is not proper for this. Button switch is convenient for various kinds of bulbs.

The fancy table lamp combines timeless and royal type. This structure table lamps would be more and more liked by many people. Read the above we mentioned, do not hesitate and pick the table lamps for your house, let the fancy table lamps decorate the room as beautiful scenery!