The feature and advantage of LED ceiling light

The LED ceiling light is favored by more and more people, and there are many kinds of types. The LED ceiling light has a strong adsorption force, so it is very firm to install the LED light on the ceiling. It is safe and eco-friendly and it can save power and energy. It is used widely, so it is a good choice for ceiling light. Then, what’s the feature and advantage of ceiling light? Let’s know about the feature and advantage of LED ceiling light together. First, the feature of LED ceiling light: it has a strong light effect, and its power consumption is less. It has a longer service life and it is easy for people to control it. It is Eco-friendly and safe, so it is the cold light source in a new generation. It can save more power than energy saving lamp in tube shape. The brightness is more higher and it can cast further light. The range of voltage is wide, and the light source can be turned into seven colors after through the inside controller of computer. The color of the light os soft and warm. It has a low consumption on power and energy, so it is green and Eco-friendly. The LED is being used widely.

LED ceiling light

Nowadays, what we care about is low carbon, and the LED ceiling light has kept the pace with the trend. There are many choices for people on the market. But it is common in kitchen or bedroom or some inconspicuous place where few guests will visit it. Actually, at present, the appearance of LED ceiling light has been changed greatly because the pursuit of energy saving. Second, the advantage of LED ceiling light. Firstly, the LED ceiling light is beautiful and elegant, and it is used in home, office, meeting room and some other places.

Secondly, the light source is in high quality that it uses the T5 type pink tube shape on the base of water painted three primary colors. It has a long service life and the light effect is high. Thirdly, the luminous efficiency is good and it has up to the 130lm/W or over, so the whole luminous efficiency can up to 100lm/W. And the efficiency is increasing every year. It is estimated that the luminous efficiency will up to 240lm/W in 2020. High luminous efficiency means the energy saving. According to the result, the LED light in 8W can replace the ceiling light in 32W. And the power can be saved over four times. Fourthly, it takes advantage of the water painted three primary colors, so its color performance is good and it nears the natural light.

LED ceiling light

Fifthly, it has a long service life and it doesn’t includes HG. It has no ultraviolet radiation and light pollution. People can adjust the light into various color according to our needs, and it usually has 2550 to 3700 kilowatt and 4700 to 7000 kilowatt. It has no glass components and it is resistant to impact and vibration. It is convenience for people to transport it. It doesn’t need radiator which is made of aluminum. The cost is low and the weight is light. Lastly, it has a high security and it is safe for people’s health. It can save energy and reduce consumption.

LED Tiffany Style Ceiling Lights $201.99
LED ceiling light

The tiffany style ceiling lights are made up of stained glass shade, alloy base and LED chip. Inside glass shade, regulator provides warm white and day white through pressing switch. Stained glass shade decorates the fixture in retro temperament.

What are those advantages and disadvantages of ceramic lamp

The ceramic lamp is one of the light decoration of home, however, it is unfamiliar for many people. People will have many questions when they choose the ceramic lamp because few people have bought the ceramic lamp. For example, what about the quality of the ceramic lamp? What about the price of the ceramic lamp? And what are those advantages and disadvantages of ceramic lamp?

ceramic lamp

The ceramic lamp is made of ceramics. In ancient time, the ceramic lamp is the kind of lamp which its utensils and base is made of ceramics and it is mainly used to hold kerosene or candle. The modern ceramic lamp refers to that most lampshade is made of ceramics, while for few ceramic lamp, its base is made of ceramics. It is similar with the traditional ceramic lamp. The earliest hollow ceramic lamp is only the shade of candle light in palace. In modern time, it develops into falling ceramic base. It is used for the stable lamp and it has a strong decorative feature.

ceramic lamp

Next, let’s talk about the advantages of ceramic lamp. From the appearance of ceramic lamp, it looks beautiful very much, and it is filled with classical Chinese temperature. The ceramic lamp with high quality is produced by Jingde town. It is very exquisite no matter from the part of craft and style. There are some beautiful floral patterns on the lampshade. So when you turn on the light, the reflected light from the lampshade will be irradiated on the whole ceramics, then it looks more like an gorgeous artwork. Actually, the ceramics in Jingde town is the artwork originally, so many ceramic lamp can be collected and kept.

ceramic lamp

Actually, apart from the advantages, there are also disadvantages of the ceramic lamp. The obvious disadvantage is that the ceramic lamp is a kind os fragile lamp. Another disadvantage is that the ceramic lamp is more heavy than the drawing light or cloth light. Especially for some large ceramic lamp, it is very heavy. The ceramic lamps on the market are mainly in the style of table lamp. Because the light in other style is produced complexly and it can not use the ceramic material. So the common ceramic lamp is in the style of table lamp. With the development of light industry, there are more and more types of the modern ceramic chandelier and ceramic floor lamp. The style is not monotonously any more. The last point is that the price of the ceramic lamp is higher than other lamps. It is undeniable that the price of the ceramics is high originally and many ceramic lamps have been collected and kept as artwork.

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ceramic lamp
Fabric Shade Ceramic Lamps $94.99

The designer lamps could contain teapot fixture, fabric shade and E27 bulb. The teapot style fixture is made of ceramic material, keeps the surface smooth and solid and adds much fun charming for the lamps. Simple fabric shade protects the bulbs totally, that keeps light soft and romantic. E27 bulb is fixed with international aperture, that could be convenient for many different kinds of bulb.

There are some skills for choosing the light of kids room

There are some skills for choosing the light of kids room. Then, kids will have a safe and comfortable environment.

At present, many parents are paying more and more attention to the design of kids room. Of course, the kids room in a good design can give kids a lot of advantages no matter for their mental world or physical world. Next, let’s see some specific notices of light design in kids room.

kids Lamps

First, we should use the spotlight carefully.
If people can not use the spotlight rightly, then it will make kids feel nervous. If you want use the spotlight to stress the artistic work on the wall, then we need to avoid producing the dazzling point. Therefore, the light should irradiate the artistic work from its side face. Then, the dazzling point will not be reflected to people’s eyes.

kids Lamps
Second, we can choose the adjustable light.
We should choose a kind of light which can adjust the brightness and the angle of the lightning. At night, we need to make the light dim and give kids a sense of security and it can help kids get into sleep easily. We must turn off the light after kids have been in sleep because kid’s vision will be hurt sleeping under the light. So the rate of getting myopia is higher than the kids who sleep in the darkness.
Third, we can not install the light on the head of the bed or above the bed.
Though the light which installed on the head of the bed can bring more lights, the kid’s vision can not endure the direct strong light. Meanwhile, the lamp radiation in close distance will have a bad influence on kids’ minds. The safe design is that we should make sure that kids can not see the light when they lie on the bed.

kids Lamps
Fourth, the lampshade should cover the light bulb.
The color of the lampshade in kids room should be light and it should be able to cover the light bulb. We’d better not let kids touch the light bulb, or kids will be scalded by the light bulb in high temperature. In addition, if kids touch the light bulb, then the grease on the kids’ hands will leave on the surface of the bulb. It will be a weak point and it will reduce the service life of the bulb. It can even lead to the explosion of bulb. If kids have touched the bulb, then we should clean the bulb with alcohol in tine.

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kids Lamps
Yellow Material Kids Room Floor Lamps Save: 40% off

The kids room floor lamps could be the best friend for the kids, and cute animal type would be popular with kids. At the same time, with 3C authentication, the switch could protect the lamp safe, the CE light is very solid and fasten, that could add much charming to the kids room.

Get some knowledge of purchasing floor lamps

Lighting fixture could be the necessary building material of home, it can light our life at the same time, it can decorate our house, floor lamp is the necessary of decorating furniture, it can placed in living room or study to keep convenience for our reading, then what is the purchasing tips of floor lamps, next we will introduce for you!


When we purchase the floor lamps, we need to consider ceiling height, if your ceiling is too low, then the light would make us feel soft, at the same time, when you use uplight floor lamp, we had better choose white or light color ceiling, then it would have light-reflecting effect.


When you purchase floor lamp, we had better choose the bottom of shade, then we can not let eyes feel uncomfortable. In order to use it for convenience, we had better not place the reflect material, otherwise it is bad for our eyes.


As for floor lamp style, it is not used for lighting, in general, we regard it as decoration. So when we purchase this floor lamp, we need to consider it match with our whole furniture.

Four: Brown Soft Kids Floor Lamps Save: 40% off

The kids floor lamps could be the good choice for many kids, cute money is their friend. The soft fabric is comfortable for many kids, and the foot of the money could be moved easily. With the perfect iron, the quality of the kids floor lamp could be ensured.