The precautions of purchasing bedroom lights

Bedroom is a place where people can relax themselves and have a good rest. What we need is a quiet, comfortable, harmonious and free environment. The light is the soul of the bedroom, and it has played an important role in creating a warm environment. What we need to pay attention to when we choose the bedroom light?

The color of the light

The light for bedroom should be in soft and light color. It mustn’t give people a dazzling feeling or visual impact, or people can’t relax themselves. The color of the lighting should be soft and warm.

The light intensity

We’d better not choose a light which has strong lighting for bedroom, and we can choose a ceiling light or small chandelier to brighten the bedroom. Besides, the light should not be installed on the head of the bed, or it will not only affect people’s health, but also has a negative effect on people’s mood.

The accessorial light

We can install the wall lamp, small spotlight, illuminated bulb or downlight beside the head of the bed to be the decorative light or accessorial light. It can soften the lighting contrast of the bedroom. We’d better let the lighting echo with the bedroom, or the bedroom will look too monotonously.

Using the table lamp cleverly

It is suggested that we can install a table lamp which can control the light intensity freely. We can takes advantage of the energy saving light or cold light. Then, it can save energy and people’s eyes will not feel tired. It can play an role in our bio-chronomwter if we turn on the table lamp every morning when we get up.

In all, we should use the bedroom light appropriately. The bedroom should not be equipped with lots of furniture to make the room beautiful. The most important is to create a comfortable and warm environment.

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The bedroom ceiling light fixtures are composed of black wrought iron fixture, E14 screw base and glass embellishment. E14 screw base is convenient for various lamps, incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are all available. Glass embellishment reflects the modern temperament.

The display of European chandelier

The European style can be divided into different styles such as nordic style, simple European style and traditional European style according to the different regional culture. The pastoral style is popular in 17 century. It pays attention to the change of lines. Its colors look luxury and brilliant. The European style can not only used to design furniture, but also used to decorate the home widely. It is also suitable for the style of chandelier. Next, Save lights will show you the display of European chandelier.

European chandelier

The European style is usually romantic and the decorative materials are mainly marble, colorful fabric, exquisite carpet and chic French wall hanging. The whole style is luxury and gorgeous and it is filled with strong dynamic effect. The European chandelier highlights the romantic environment greatly.

European chandelier

The European style, which is a kind of style that full of European traditional artistic culture. According to the different periods, it is usually divided into classic, medieval, renaissance, Baroque, new classical, Rococo style and so on. We can choose the most suitable style according to our own preferences.

European chandelier

Generally speaking, the European style can always give people a luxury, elegant and noble feeling. And if you need to define the feature of one style, you need pay attention to the form of the style and the humanistic characteristic. This is also the standards for us to judge the style of the work.

European chandelier

Many people are fond of European chandelier. They usually think that the European chandelier has a special temperament that other styles can not reach to. It seems that this style comes from the royal or some period long time ago.

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European chandelier

The glass antler chandelier is made up of resin fixture, glass shade and E14 lamp holder. Resin fixture is equipped with clear texture, reflects antique temperament of chandelier. Beige glass shade protects the lamps totally, has high transmittance of light.

The skill of choosing crystal chandelier

The luxury style is the symbol of crystal chandelier. With the development of optical fiber or some other lighting technology, the size of the modern crystal chandelier is becoming smaller and smaller, but more and more chic. It is more suitable for the modern home furnishing. The luxury style, dreamy color and modern lines of the crystal chandelier have become an important point of the home decoration. The consumer must pay attention to the related techniques when they choose the crystal chandelier. The crystal chandelier in high quality can make the whole space more warm and comfortable.

Pay attention to the brand standard.

Crystal Chandelier

Nowadays, there are various brands of light on the market. The quality and price of different brands has large difference. The famous light brand has the reliable quality. Generally speaking, every crystal light will be engraved the logo of its own brand. However, there are still some illegal company will imitate the real crystal chandelier on its appearance. The imitated crystal chandelier is similar with the famous crystal chandelier. Every defect of this kind of light will be exposed in later life one by one. So people must pay attention to the brand of crystal chandelier, or you will buy the fault product.

Take the home space into consideration

Crystal Chandelier

When we choose the crystal chandelier, we must take the size of the room and the appearance of the light into consideration. In general situation, according to the match of space, the diameter of the crystal chandelier should be about 1 meter, and this size is suitable for the living room in the area of 20 to 30 square meters. However, different rooms have different choices. In the loft house, we mainly choose the elegant and beautiful crystal chandelier. For the modern young people, they can choose the small,chic crystal chandelier with many pendants for the bedroom. If you want to install the crystal chandelier in the toilet or kitchen, then you can choose the energy-efficient and warm crystal chandelier.

Pay attention to the color of coating.

Crystal Chandelier

The crystal chandelier in different levels have different service life. We need to observe the color of the crystal chandelier firstly, and then look at the coating layer. In general situation, the high-end metal accessories are mainly coated 24k gold. It will not be faded even after using for a long time. It will not produce impurities. While the low-end crystal chandelier will be faded after using for a long time. The bright color can not only make the crystal clear, but also make the whole home space more graceful and luxury.

Identify the crystal pendant

Crystal Chandelier

The specification of pendant of crystal chandelier must match with each other. The crystal chandelier can emit shiny lighting and show a noble and luxury temperament because it has a lot of clear pendants. If the sizes of the crystal pendant are different, then it will have a bad influence on the whole beauty of crystal chandelier. We also need to pay attention to the crystal ball of the crystal chandelier. We need to check that whether there is bubble, impurities and crack on the crystal ball. Only the clear and bright crystal ball can reflect the best lightning effect and create a brilliant life environment.

Here are all information of the choosing skill. I hope that this article will be helpful for you.

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Crystal Chandelier

Crystal ball chandelier is composed of hardware ceiling plate, crystal embellishment and E14 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 18.1″ H * 15.7″ D. Fixture has electroplated finish and k9 ball crystal decorates fixture dramatic with perfect cutting.

What are those styles of European light?

The appreciation of European light.

Nowadays, many people like decorating the home in European style. It looks luxury, elegant, romantic, and many people are fond of this style. People even choose the home light in European style. Apart from the lighting, the European light can still give people a strong visual impact.

The European light can give people a classic feeling and it can also give people a noble temperament. It can improve the level of the room if the European light has been installed in the home. For the villa or large house, the European light is always people’s first choice because it can go well with the high-end villa and make the whole house more attractive and noble. Next, let’s enjoy the noble feeling of European light.

European light

The marble lamp and the jade wall of the lamp make the whole European light look more noble and luxury. The art engraving and the floral pattern make the light look more artistic. It is common to see in the European aristocratic mansion. This kind of European light is filled with noble style and the European aristocrat has a deep love in art, so they hope that the surrounding things are filled with art.

European light

This kind of European light is used for church. So it looks simple and artistic. The combination of simple patterns can show the European classic style easily. for many people. the church is a holy place, so the light with a little gold color can make people think of the color of the heaven. It means that they can be favored by the god.
This European light is in simple style. The gold surface can go well with the high-end house easily. The appearance of the European light is filled with artistic beauty. The simple decoration can attract people’s eyesight deeply. Besides, the size of this kind of European is relatively small, so it will not take up too mush space and give people a depressed feeling. The lamp tube is in the candle shape, so it is filled with simple and classic beauty.

European light

Many people like the European style and it id really beautiful. For example, people will decorate the home in European style and choose the light in European style and so on. All these can represent people’s pursuit on beauty. The European light is complicated than the common light and it usually uses several light tubes to form the light. We need to check that whether the set is complete and whether there is the damaged place when we buy the light. We also need to pay more attention to the installation.

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European light

Cheap antler chandelier has E14 screw base for various lamps. Resin fixture has painting finish and decorats chandelier modern temperament. Dimensions of fuixture could be 16.9 inch in height and 25.9 inch in diameter. Shown in white.

Choice of kids table lamps-purchasing tips of kids table lamps

Nowadays parents would spend time on kids, kids healthy would be cared about by parents, so whatever you choose for kids, we had better be carefully, kids table lamps are all included, usage of kids table lamps influence kids eyes health. Next we will show you the purchasing tips about kids table lamps.

First: security

As for kids table lamps, we had better consider safety problem, especially for kids’reading under the lamp, then the safe kids table lamp is necessary, even it is first choice for table lamps. Since when we choose table lamps, we had better notice following tips:

1. Distance between switch and fixture had better be far, then parents would place the dangerous fixtures in the position that kids can not be reached. We can place switch for kids.

2. Switch is convenient and useful, that can not broken away, in avoid of breakage phenomenon.

3. Heat dissipation had better be reasonable, in order not to be touched by kids and prevents burns.

4. Installation of base and bulbs had better be away from position that can not be touched by kids.

5. Choice of kids table lamps are not like kids table lamps, we had better prevent kid to regard it as toy, and lead to be harmed by kids.

6. Kids table lamps are not made of light and fragile material, to avoid falling down by kids.

7. In avoid of perpendicular incidence of light, blackouts of sunlight of shade had better be high, that can avoid causing harm for kids eyes.

Second: enjoyment

Usage of kids table lamps are not only for lighting function, usage of kids table lamps had better satisfy characters of kids mental development. The house lighting could not only satisfy need of kids living and study, but also kids table lamps could let light soft, in order to develop kids health, it makes important influence on making good livng condition.

Besides energy-saving, romantic light and material. Animal, car and etc shaped designs are appeal to kids, at the same time, it could healp us largen our vision and knowing world. I think with the accompany of meaningful table lamps, your kids would enjoy happy and healthy day.

Third: choice of light bulbs

The alternating current we always use could be changeable according to different voltage, this can be called strobe. The strobe of 100 times every second, it belongs to low strobe, it does harm for our eyes, if you read books, study and etc under this light, that could keeps kids’ eyes dry, sore and tired, that can cause high shortsightedness.

Nowadys there is health caring table lamp without strobe, this product changes from 50HZ of electrical signal to 45000HZ of high-frequency signal through electric, that keeps our eyes not feel strobe, that is best for our eyes, since life of light bulbs can be reached into 8000 hours, that is best choice for kids table lamps.

The above can introduce the purchasing tips of kids table lamps, hope this could help parents choose the proper table lamps, and to protect kids health and study.

Shaped Animal Lamps For Kids $108.99

Animal lamp is composed of metal fixture, fabric shade and E27 lamp holder. Dimensions of fixture could be 49.6*11.8 inch. Fabric shade supported by metal design with E27 lamp holder, directions of fabric shade is adjustable, convenient for using. Button switch has painting finish, modern look.

Choose stylish floor lamps to decorate corner space

In most families, the sofa of living room is beside the wall, many people do not know how to deal with the corner, at this time, do not forget the floor lamp, the floor lamp is the best partner for sofa. Floor lamp is not only the lighting fixtures in ther corner, at the same time, it is also a good decoration, we can also use stylish floor lamp to decorate the living room.

Floor Lamp

When you are in the sofam when you turn on the floor lamp, the soft light could reduce the stimulate of TV for eyes, I wonder whether you knows light therapy, stimulate light does harm for our eyes. Of course, if you are in sofa to read books and newspaper, we had better need floor lamp.

Floor Lamp

Floor lamp satisfies partical lighting, at the same time, it also could decorate house environment. Then it could not be placed into tall furniture or movement area. If you want to add hazy and romantic atmosphere, we could keep light uplight to regard it as background, the light would be reflected into door, then to change the light diameter by changing height of light, then you can control the light.

Floor Lamp

If you do not like plants, at the same time, you also want to add decorative elements, floor lamp would be good choice, in general, height of floor lamp is around 120-170cm, almost like big decorative pot culture, that gives us special feeling and add space atmosphere. Shade of floor lamp can be changed according to furniture styles, with strong plasticity, there are three styles of shade in the market, such as column shaped, lantern shaped and so on.

Floor Lamp

There are more and more designers to use new elements on th floor lamps, floor lamps are popular with young people. If you like stylish and fashion, how to deal with floor lamps. Do not hesistate to use stylish floor lamp to decorate your sofa corner.

Floor Lamp
Tiffany Style Floor Lamp Save: 40% off

The tiffany style floor lamp is made of stained glass shade, alloy base and E14 screw base. Alloy base suffers the pressure from stained glass shade. E14 screw base is convenient for various lamps, incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are suitable. Roman Pillar shaped decorates the fixture antique and vintage.

How to choose the crystal European wall lamp in high quality

How to choose the crystal European wall lamp in high quality? what we need to pay attention to when we choose the material of European crystal light? The crystal light is favored by many people due to its clear and shiny appearance. We need to know the fabric of the crystal light when we choose the crystal light to avoid buying the light in poor quality. JU JIA light is famous all around the world due to its high quality and new design. It mainly produces a series of crystal light such as chandelier, ceiling light and wall lamp.

Crystal Wall Sconces

“Natural Crystal” is mainly imitation crystal.

The crystal light can give people a noble and dreamy feeling. The original crystal light can consist of mental stent, candle, natural crystal or quartz decoration. Later, the natural crystal has been replaced by artificial crystal because the cost of natural crystal is too high. Then, the incandescent light replaces the candle. In modern market, the crystal light uses the incandescent light which in candle shape to be the light source. It will consume more power because there are many light bulbs in each crystal light. Whether can we use the energy saving lamp to replace the flame light? Though the idea is filled with creative, the energy saving light will affect the whole visual effect of crystal light. Because only the transparent incandescent light in no colors can refract colorful lightning.

However, you can never think that the crystal light is made of natural crystal. At present, the crystal light in the market for sale is made of artificial crystal. It is introduced by experts that the crystal lights in the market are made of artificial crystal or craft crystal, because there is stripe and floc and some other natural defects on the natural crystal and the source of the natural crystal is limited. Therefore, when the salesman introduce the crystal light to you, you should know that it is made of imitation crystal. However, if the salesman tell you that it is made of natural crystal, then you need to pay more attention to it.

Crystal Wall Sconces

The difference between different artificial crystal is large.

Different artificial crystal has different levels and qualities. We need to pay more attention to the quality of the crystal because the price of the crystal light depends on the quality of the crystal. It is said by the expert that the crystal is a kind of glass. When the rate of lead oxide is up to 24%, and the refraction is up to 1.545, then it can be called crystal. The crystal lights on the market are mainly filled with lead. The content of lead oxide should be over 30%, then the transparency can be ensured. From the tangent plane aspect, the regular, smooth, silky tangent plane or the plane in angularly distinct is the guarantee of the refraction effect. What’s more, it is better to exist no bubble, crack or impurities in the crystal.

Crystal Wall Sconces

Therefore, when consumer choose the crystal light, they can take these aspects into consideration. First, they can observe the transparency of the crystal; Besides, they can look at the data proof of lead content; In addition, they can touch the surface of the tangent plane and the edge and corner of the tangent plane. Finally, they can observe whether there is bubble in the crystal. Generally speaking, if you compare the pendent of domestic crystal light with the imported crystal light,then you will find the transparency of the imported crystal is higher than the domestic crystal. The tangent plane of imported crystal is smooth and there is no impurities almostly, while there are bubbles or impurities in the domestic crystal.

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Crystal Wall Sconces

This crystal wall sconces could be equipped with wrought iron fixture, crystal shade and E14 screw base. Under the high end finish, wrought iron surface is smooth. Dimension of fixture is 10.2 inch in height and diameter. Crystal shade decorates the wall sconces texture.


Amazing! This kind of LED light can be bright by candles

Everyone is familiar with LED light. Generally speaking, it is supported by battery or exchange electric current. However, in the eyes of designers, the LED light must has a unique feature, then most people will be fond of it.

The new candle LED light.
Today, let’s look at the chic and unique LED light. The fuel of the light is candle adn it can attract people’s eyes greatly. It is said by the designer that this LED light takes full advantage of the principle of physics, so it turns the heat into power. The power can be stored in the battery to let the diode of the LED light be bright.

The brightness can be adjusted freely.

The high brightness mode.

The effect of LED light.

There are various colors for people to choose.
In order to meet people’s different demands, there are various colors of this kind of candle LED light for people to choose, such as white, pink, red, blue or some other colors. We can put the candle on the botton of the light and ignite the candle and wait for a few minutes, then the light will be bright. Overall, the creative of the new LED light is unique and we don’t need the battery or power. It is a good choice for emergency.

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The table lamps for reading is perfect for girls, the romantic pik color could decoraste the room perfectly, at the same time, the wrought iron fixture suffers much pressure from the table lamps, and the E27 paerture could be convenient for many kinds of the bulbs, that is made according to international standard.