The choice and collocation of the light for simple European bedroom

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to details, and the indoor furnishing in simple European style is always one of the mainstreams. The simple European style looks fresh and elegant, funky and succinct. Next, let’s look at the feature and purchasing demands of the bedroom light in simple European style.

Jane European bedroom antler lamps

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The light for the bedroom in simple European style —- what is the simple European style?

The simple European style is one of the European decoration styles. The main colors are royal yellow, ivory and so on. That is to say, it uses the light color as the main color while the dark color as the auxiliary color. Compared with the strong European style, the simple European style is fresher. It adheres to the funky and environmental friendly idea. The usual material should get to the level of European E0 or E1. The materials are original woody board and medium density fiberboard. It can used directly in the room. Actually, relatively speaking, the simple European style is a blurry concept. The largest differences between simple European style and strong European style are the color and roman column. The simple European style has abandoned the fancy decoration. The whole room looks chic and harmonious.See simple Europe more types of lamps, here.

Jane European bedroom lamps

The light for the bedroom in simple European style —- the choosing demands of the light for the bedroom in simple European style

No matter for the simple European style or some other styles, the key point of bedroom is comfortable and warm space, so designers usually take the two aspects into consideration when they design the bedroom. It can be seen from the bedroom in simple European style that it takes advantage of the dark color, such as the collocation of orange yellow and gray. The orange yellow can improve people’s sleep quality. From the visual effect, it will not stimulate people’s nerve and make people have a good relax.

Therefore, the shiny steel material can never go well with the simple European style. The luxury and chic crystal light can not match with the simple European style. We can choose some light with flexible streak and soft lighting. For example, the iron lamp, it combines the chic shape and plain style together.

Jane European bedroom lamps

The light for the bedroom in simple European style—- the specific collocation effect of the light for the bedroom in simple European style

First, we can choose the ceiling chandelier in warm yellow color and set a suitable lampshade to make the bedroom warm and romantic. People must be happy and cheerful in this environment.

Second, we need to take the daylighting into consideration when we decorating the bedroom. The ordinary lamp can not satisfy the demands of large bedroom, so we need to set wall lamps or table lamps on bedside cabinets. Then, it can decorate the bedroom very well.

Third, the ivory color which is regarded as the main color of simple European style can make the whole room more bright and clean if we adds up the white lighting. The clean and beautiful room can make people relax themselves.

Jane European bedroom lamps

The above are the features, choosing demands and collocation effect of the light for the bedroom in simple European style. The obvious feature of simple European style is simplicity, and it can give people a fresh, funky, comfortable and warm feeling if we adds the European elements properly. Therefore, we’d better not choose the light with hard materials. We’d try our best to choose the soft light.

How to choose modern lighting fixtures ?

With the development of our living quality, there are different kinds of decoration styles, modern style is very popular with many people, but then how to choose the related lighting fixtures. Many people would feel confused about this question, today I will show you the purchasing tips about the modern lighting fixtures.

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How to choose the light in modern style —- the modern simple style

Modern and simple are the main decoration style for house, the simplism is begun from the early of 20th century, since western modernism theory is from bauhaus school, it is founded in 1919 German Weimar, the founder is Walter Gropius, they promotes the function first, they have made the furniture style which is suitable for smooth style, in the decoration of furniture, simple style is going to use designed elements, color, lighting and material to reduce the quantity, so the space design is very chic, that can reach the amazing effect.

modern industrial lights

About choosing lined modern lighting fixtures

Modern lighting fixtures include commercial lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting and living lighting. Modern simple lighting fixtures are exquisite and vivid, the whole dimensional form is systematical, and combined with rhythm.

modern Led lights

About choosing designed modern lighting fixtures

Since modern simple decoration would use many modern and simple character, that is made of carved and designerd line, that is pedicel, flower bud, grape vine, insect wings and natural waved pattern, this element could be used for furniture and lighting fixtures.

Modern simple style lighting fixture are the most important role for house, we can check if the indoor and outdoor environment would reflect the character and decorative effect, that reflects same effect would be smart key point of modern style lighting fixtures.

Modern Ceiling Lights

About choosing practical modern lighting fixtures

According to different kinds of lighting occasions, lighting requirements, structure design and etc, that keeps lighting fixture spread the lighting fixture, then we can pay attention to the style of lighting fixtures, that could reflect the stylish trend of modern lighting fixtures.

Besides simple styles, the modern style is perfect in good condition, they all can improve the whole decoration effect, then compared with lighting fixtures, when we purchase the lighting fixtures, we have to notice the style, we do not choose strange decoration, at the same time, we have to stress the harmony with litght, that could reach the best effect.

Which kind of light is suitable for the bathroom —- the choosing skill of bathroom light

We usually take a bath, brush our teeth and wash the face in bathroom. The space of bathroom is small and the light is dim, so the light is necessary for bathroom. Because the structure and feature of bathroom and bedroom is different, so we need to pay attention to the light for the bathroom. Next, Savelights will introduce the choosing skill of bathroom light.

bathroom lighting

Which kind of light for bathroom is better —- try to choose the incandescent light.

The use of bathroom light is more frequent than other rooms. So we’d better choose the incandescent light to save power. As we know, the color of incandescent light is in beige color, so it is soft and can give people a warm feeling. People looks more beautiful under the beige lighting. Besides, we can set a daylight light beside the dressing table, then we can see clearly before the mirror.

Which kind of light for bathroom is better —- choose the light with the good waterproof function

There is a lot of water in bathroom, so the air is relatively wet. In order to keep safe, we’d better choose the light with the good waterproof function. For the bathroom with a small area, we can choose the embedded light. It is safer and the whole space of bathroom looks more neat. We can also install the decorative light in the bathroom, such as wall lamp. It can create a warm, comfortable and harmonious environment.

Which kind of light for bathroom is better —- we can choose the wall lamp for the bathroom with large area

wall lamp

we can choose the wall lamp if the area of bathroom is large. We can use the indirect lighting to create a strong bright effect. We can install the downlight on the toilet, bathtub and shower respectively, then every place can be bright. Therefore, we don’t need to install the ceiling light, or it will give people a dazzling feel.

Which kind of light for bathroom is better —- the light must combine the decorative and pragmatic function

beautiful wall lamp

In our home, apart form bedroom, the bathroom is also the private space. So the space design for bathroom is very important. We should take the function of bathroom into consideration. Besides, the color of space and the lighting for bathroom should be matched with each other. We usually choose the incandescent light for the bathroom and we must set the independent light beside the dressing table. Some people set several small spotlights around the mirror. Thought it looks beautiful, but the waterproof performance is relatively poor. It is only suitable for the bathroom which has been divided into wet and dry space.

The above are some methods of choosing bathroom light introduced by Savelights. What we need to pay attention to firstly is the waterproof function of bathroom light and we should choose the incandescent light. On the base of this two aspects, we can make a study on the beauty and other functions of bathroom.

Modern Shaped Ceiling Light Bathroom $78.99
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Ceiling light bathroom would be composed of frosted glass shade, hardware ceiling plate and E27 lamp holder. Under the acid pickling technology, keeps surface smooth and clear. E27 lamp holder is convenient for various lamps, that is with 3C certification. Hardware ceiling plate suffers the pressure from the glass shade totally.

Introduction of American classic lighting fixtures

There are various lighting fixtures, we always choose beautiful and good quality products when purchasing, then the American classic lighting fixtures are belong to these lighting fixtures, many customers are willing to buy. Today savelights would help you introduce some characters about American classic lighting fixtures.

classic lighting fixtures

The character of American classic lighting fixture-background

classic lighting fixtures

Classic lighting fixture, is made of classic lighting fixtures, charming of classic lighting fixture is the trace of unique history, it reflects elegant and charming taste. Classic style lighting is different from lighting and special light, that would light some rooms and objects, exotic atmosphere light and etc. Because of classic of aesthetic characteristics, if it is too bright, then it is not too bright, that could reach soft type, if you choose cap style table lamps, in the choice of material, we can consider soldering, brass, wrought iron and etc.

Character of American classic characters

classic lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures play important role in home life, no matter it is performance of lighting, or itself of lighting would influence the whole effect. In general, reasonable choice of lighting fixture and matched would keep the furniture harmony, at the same time, the whole effect would influence dramatic point. Classic lighting fixture would break tradition, it can get involved multi modern elements, it is complex, we can combine with modern atmosphere, that let us feel the stylish charming. Texture material with abstract pattern would reflect our personality.

Character of American classic characters – development history

Since from 2002, traditional lighting fixtures are shocked by simple modern lighting fixtures, before 2002, traditional lighting fixtures are very popular, but there are many bad factories and enterprise would be in price competition, that would win the market, from 2003 to 2005, they were chased by modern simple lighting fitxure, at this time, there are some traditional lighting fixture manufactures with strength, design and development capabilities to go to European market, during the search, learning and reference from European market, the fabricator would develop the traditional lighting fixture, that attracts some high end customers. At the same time, some high end clubs and luxury villas, that would bring us to luxury European culture, that would keeps traditional classic lighting fixtures.

The above could be the characters of American classic lighting fixtures, you can have a brief description about it, if you purchase the lighting fixture like this, you can refer to it, I think it would bring us some good lighting and decoration effect.

Classic Purple Crystal Chandelier $172.99
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Purple crystal chandelier is composed of crystal fixture and E14 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 23.6*22 inch. E14 screw base is suitable for various lamps. Crystal fixture has electroplated finish, vivid and texture.

Introduction of modern white chandelier LSH1610110914182

modern white chandelier

modern white chandelier, save 40% off

The above is picture of real products, this chandelier is 4-tiered type, it is 9+3+3+3 type, and this is suitable for living room, dinning room, bedroom and etc.

modern white chandelier

Dimension of lighting fixture is 65*80cm, sling chain length is 50 cm, 9 pcs of twigs are with lamp holder, other 9 pcs of twigs are without screw base, illumination area is around 20-25 space meters.

modern white chandelier

There are 4 pcs of white boxes, three small boxes are with three holes, these are suitable to install twigs without lamp holder, one big white box is with nine holes, this is for 9 pcs of twigs with screw base.

modern white chandelier

Big white box has growth ring shape, creative and antique atmosphere. Nine holes are connected to 9 pcs of twigs with lamp holder. Carved design is made by professional master, exquisite and vivid.

modern white chandelier

Small box with cover design connects twigs together, wrought iron box with resin pole leads to 9+3+3+3 type, keeps lighting source balanced and decorates fixture antique look.

modern white chandelier

The white twig is with E14 lamp holder and made of 5 pcs of branches, that is connected to big box with nine holes, twig surface has painting finish in white, whole structure is made of resin material, candle type lamp holder has classic look.

modern white chandelier

This white twig has 5 pcs of branches, antler look design keeps lighting fixture antique and stylish, twig itself is made of resin material, solid and durable, and connected to small box with three holes.

modern white chandelier

Screw base is E14 type, outside has wrought iron surface protection, E14 lamp holder is made according to international standard, metal and plastic material combination is safety assurance.

modern white chandelier

The whole twig has 2 pcs of wires, that are connected to fire wire and zero line. Screw Rod is durable and vivid.

modern white chandelier

Ceiling plate is hung by 50cm long chain, suffers pressure from lighting fixtures, chain is made of quality wrought iron, long-term durable and quality ensure. Round ceiling plate is installed into ceiling, then connected to end stopper. Delivery with screw accessories.

How to choose American bedroom light?

The light in our home is very important and the bedroom light is more important. Sometimes, apart from having a rest in the bedroom, people usually read books and listen to the music in the bedroom. If the bedroom is dark, then we will be unwilling to do anything. For bedroom light, the American bedroom light is very popular. Let’s look at that how to choose the American light.

The American bedroom light —- the space of bedroom

The space of the bedroom is an important aspect that must be taken into consideration. If the space of the bedroom is small relatively, then we should choose the suitable bedroom light. We’d better not pursue the luxury and elegance. If the space of the bedroom is large, then we can choose the crystal light or large chandelier. The crystal light is very suitable for the bedroom because its lighting is very soft.

The American bedroom light —- the shape of bedroom

Nowadays, the room is not in square or rectangle anymore, the designer usually design the room in an unique effect. Some masters will change the distribution of the whole home to enlarge or narrow the area and shape of bedroom. Therefore, we must pay attention to the shape of bedroom before we choose the chandelier. We’d better choose the chandelier which in the same shape and style with the bedroom.

The American bedroom light —- the style of bedroom

We usually choose the American crystal light for the bedroom in classical style. It looks classical and graceful. Most modern families pursue funky style, so the modern style has been the main choice.

The American bedroom light —- the thickness of bedroom

The choice of thickness of light. The chandelier is usually divided into thin type, symmetrical type and thick type. If the height of the room is lower than 2.8 meters, then we should choose the thin or symmetrical chandelier. If the height of the bedroom is about 2.8 to 5 meters, then we should choose the chandelier in thick type.

The American bedroom light —- the color choice of lampshade

We need to take the color of wall and furniture into consideration when we choose the color of lampshade. The color of light should be harmonious and consistent with the whole room, then it can give people a warm and comfortable feeling.

The American bedroom light —- the choice of the bedside lamp and table lamp

We’d better choose the American light which can be adjusted freely. Though you read books with the light open, you husband or wife can still have a good sleep under the lighting. The material of the lampshade should be soft. The crystal light or the table lamp which has a transparent lampshade looks nice, but the dazzling lighting is harmful for people’s eyes no matter for reading or getting up to the toilet at midnight. We’d better choose the material of lampshade which can make the lighting soft, such as the frosted glass, cloth or shell and so on. The head of the lamp should be higher than the place of pillow, then the lighting can be tilted in 45 degrees. It is suitable for people’s reading.

We must pay attention to the percentage between the American bedroom light and bedroom when we choose the American bedroom light. If the bedroom is too large, then the lighting of small American bedroom light can not be spread into every places. In contrast, if the lighting is too bright, then it will hurt people’s eyes. Savelights will introduce some key points to you of choosing the American bedroom light. I hope that you can refer to the paper when you choose the American bedroom light.

Country Seashell Flush Mount Ceiling Lights
American bedroom light
The ceiling lights could be made of shell fixture, glass shade and E27 lamp holder. Scrub glass shade protects the bulbs totally, makes light soft and mild. E27 lamp holder could be convenient for many different kinds of bulbs with 3C certification. Shell fixture decorates the lamps totally.

The specific introduction of the European light in pastoral style

Nowadays, the home decoration pays attention to the beauty and personality. So the choice of every household product is very important. Our home need many kinds of lights, and the light can show the master’s taste. So, many people like choosing the light in European country style.

European country light

The European country light—-the basic feature.

From the development trend of market, the light art has got more and more people’s attention and the light style is various. Some lights will take advantage of the rust and black paint to create the mottled effect on purpose, and it just pursue the old feel. Form the fabric aspect, the European country light is mainly in resin and iron type. There are lots of resin types and it can be decorated with various floral pattern. The light will look more bright and gorgeous if you paste the gold foil and silver foil. The iron shape is looks more simple, but with more texture sense.

6-Light Black Country Rustic Chandeliers Save: 40% off
Country Rustic Chandeliers
With the country chandeliers, 6 glass shade is equipped with scrub technology, makes light softer and romantic.Surface of the fixture is made of wrought iron, that is according to painting, suffers much pressure from the glass shade. E27 aperture could be convenient for many different kinds of bulbs, that is with 3C authentication.

The European country light—- the romantic and modern feel.

The European country light is mainly to show the natural feeling. It also highlight the feature of romantic and modern style. The European country light can show an England relax and plain European country life. It can make people feel a pastoral and steady life. This kind of style is usually used to go well with the floral light, iron light and crystal light and so on. The pattern are mainly small and chic flowers, the classic floral pattern and wines.

European country light

The European country light—- the source of inspiration of European country light.

The source of European country light mainly comes from the natural view, work view and the shape of plants, so it is filled with natural or country feature. It shows a green, natural, comfortable and relax feel. The lampshade is mainly decorated with floral, striped and fold pattern. The lampshade is also decorated with hidden pattern. The light shape is mainly determined by the nature.

European country light

Here are all related knowledge of European country light. Whether you have got a deep understand and attracted by the European country style? Do you want to buy the European country light? I believe that the European country light will be a good choice.

How to choose European wall lamp?

With the development of society, people are paying more and more attention to the indoor furnishing. What is the wall lamp? It is a kind of auxiliary lighting tool which installed on the wall. It is usually matched with cream glass lampshade. There are various kinds of European wall lamp on the market, so how to choose the European wall lamp? Let’s have a look!

First, the price of the wall lamp.

European wall lamp

Wall lamp, which regarded as a home light, people should pay attention to the decorative performance and pragmatic function. There are lots of brands of wall lamp, and the price of wall lamp is different. So I suggest that we should not pursue the brand of wall lamp exclusively if the the light can satisfy our basic demands. After all, the suitable one is always the best one.

Second, let the wall lamp go well with the home decoration.

European wall lamp

We light installation principle should be concise in small space. We’d better not install the wall lamp, or it will look unharmonious and messy. If your home space is large enough, then we’d better install the wall lamp suitably, no matter for the living room, bedroom, corridor and so on. It is better for us to combine the spotlight, downlight and chandelier together. What we need to pay attention to is that the height of installation should over the visual horizon to a certain extent. The wall lamp should not be too bright, then the whole temperament will be more romantic and warm.

Third, the type of wall lamp.

The type and style of wall lamp are various. The ceiling light, color wall lamp, bedside wall lamp and mirror wall lamp and so on are common. The wall lamp is usually used to decorated the European style. It is suitable for the living room, bedroom, door and dinning room and so on. The type, color and installation method should be determined by the demands and whole style of the space.

European wall lamp

Fourth, the wall lamp decoration of bedroom.

It is common to install the wall lamp in the bedroom. Many people even don’t take the big ceiling light into consideration when they decorate their bedrooms. They mainly choose the wall lamp, bedside lamp, spotlight, downlight and hidden light band to adjust the indoor lighting. The height of the bedside lamp should be in the same level of people’s heads when they sit on the bed. We should choose the flame retardant plastic fabric or the diffusion material which the surface is in low brightness. Then, it can transited some strong lighting. The carved glass wall lamp is also suitable for the bedroom, and the color is mainly soft and warm.

Fifth, the wall lamp decoration of living room.

European wall lamp

If we install the wall lamp in a suitable place on the wall of living room, then it can not only supplement the space, but also can echo with the whole room. The TV wall or sofa wall takes advantage of the wall lamp to adjust the indoor lighting. And it can also supplement the indoor space. The wall lamp beside the sofa can not only brighten the partial area, but also can make the indoor environment more harmonious. The wall lamp on TV wall can adjust the lighting of TV. It can makes the picture soft and protect people’s eyes effectively.

Wrought Iron Antique Wall Sconces Save: 40% off
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Antique wall sconce is composed of wrought iron fixture, glass shade and E27 screw base. Dimensions of fixture could be 33.8*6.2 inch. E27 screw base is suitable for various lamps. Champagne glass shade has high transmittance of light.

How to prolong the service life of crystal light?

Nowadays, many people like choosing crystal lights for home decoration. What we first to do is to install the crystal light to see the whole effect. However, people will not pay attention to it in the future using process, so many crystal lights are easy to be broken. The key point is that how to guarantee the service life of crystal light. Generally speaking, the service life of crystal light is about two or three years due to its high power consumption. However, if we can maintain and clean the crystal light regularly, then we can prolong the service life of crystal light.

crystal light

First, we should solve the problem of crystal light in time. People usually install the crystal light in the bedroom or the living room, so it will be used frequently. So, the service life of some basic components are easy to be broken. for example, if we turn on or off the light frequently, or if we let the light work for a long time, then it is possible to burn out the light source. The service life of LED light is longer relatively. Besides, there are some problems of line aging. We must deal with this kind of problem immediately as soon as we find it. If we ignore the problem and use it continually, then the light will not be able to be repaired any more.

crystal light

Second, we should clean the dust in time. The frequent maintenance is necessary for crystal light. On the one hand, we can keep its appearance beautiful; on the other hand, we can ensure that some components will not be burned out. The crystal light is a glamorous home decoration. Those crystal decorative components can not play the decorative role fully if there are dusts on them. The dusts are easy to get into the inside of the light and it is harmful for light. Therefore, when we clean the house, we need to clean the dust on the light readily.

crystal light

Third, we need to check up the ballast and light source regularly. The ballast of light is a very important part. The light will not be able to work if there is no ballast and it can not brighten the room. The ballast is the main part of whole crystal light. If there is some problems on the ballast, then the whole crystal light can not work. Thus, we should check up the ballast regularly. We should change it in time if there is something wrong, then we can ensure the usage of crystal light. That is to say, if we find that the lighting is weaker, then we need to change the light source. The light source of crystal light is common, and people can buy it on the market to prolong the service life.

Crystal White 8-Light Modern Chandeliers Save: 40% off
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The chandeliers could be eauipped with white fabric shade,k the surface of the fixture could be under electroplated technology, keeps the chandeliers smooth and solid. E14 aperture could be convenient for many different kinds of bulbs. Crystal of the fixture could be the best accessory for the chadeliers, this is according to k9 standard.

The purchase skill of bedroom ceiling light

The bedroom illumination has an important meaning for our life. The ceiling light with graceful appearance, abundant patterns, and artistic effect is favored by more and more people. Then, what is the choosing skill of bedroom ceiling light? Next, let’s have a look with Savelights.

First, the shape. There are the round shape and square shape of bedroom ceiling light. Generally speaking, the round ceiling light is suitable for the bedroom and study room. And the square ceiling light can make the living room and dining room look more broad. The kitchen and the bathroom are usually in square shape that similar with the inter-grated ceiling.

bedroom ceiling light

Second, the lampshade. The lampshade of bedroom ceiling light can be touched by our hands. There are many factories to produce the ceiling light, while the materials are different. The common lampshade are acrylic lampshade, plastic lampshade and glass lampshade. The better one is the imported acrylic lampshade. How to check up the quality of lampshade? We can first press the lampshade and observe the softness. The soft one is better. Then we can put the palm of hand on the lampshade to observe the color. The red color is better. Afterwards, we can open the lampshade to see whether it is convenient for people to disassemble the shade.

bedroom ceiling light

Third, the light source. The bedroom ceiling light can be divided into ordinary incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp and LED lamp and so on according to different light source. The ceiling light with different light sources are suitable for different places. For home lights, the first choice should be LED lamp. The price of LED ceiling lamp is not very expensive, and it can save much power relatively. Its service life is long and has a strong brightness.

bedroom ceiling light

Fourth, the size. The size of bedroom ceiling light is determined by the illumination area. we can not choose the little ceiling light, or the ceiling looks empty. And the whole environment is discordant. Generally speaking, if the area of bedroom is lower than 10 square meters, then we should choose the ceiling light which diameter is lower than 45 centimeters. If the area of the bedroom is about 10-20 square meters,then we can choose the ceiling light whose diameter is about 60 centimeters. And if the area is about 20-30 square meters, then we should choose the ceiling light whose diameter is about 80 centimeters.

3-Light Modern Flush Mount Ceiling Light $98.99
bedroom ceiling light

This modern flush mount ceiling light is in modern/contemporary style, proper for various houses. Closed acrylic provides romantic and warm temperament. E27 screw base is convenient for various lamps, recommend incandescent bulbs for proper size. Shown in black and white.